Top 10 Universities in the World

Check out below the list of the top 10 universities in the world in terms of endowment.

If we want to determine education at a university, then people must consider certain key factors such as the area or place of location, prestige, donation ranking, education, placement, and many more. If the institution is rich, then there will be better facilities, better professors, and up-to-date technology given to students. Universities can also use their financial clout to create scholarships or entice the best professors to teach at their institutions. Let’s look at the top 10 richest universities in the world according to financial donations.

Top 10 Universities in the World  in 2023 

Harvard University

This university is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In terms of donations, it is the wealthiest university, with 40.9 billion USD. This university was founded in 1636. In 1639, it was named Harvard College after the death of a priest named John Harvard, who was an ex-student of the University of Cambridge and who donated $1.285 and some books. Nevertheless, in 2014, 150 million USD was donated by Citadel founder and Harvard student Kenneth C. Griffith, and he became the biggest donor in the history of this university.

Yale University

This university is located in New Haven, Connecticut. This university is the second-richest in terms of donations, which amount to $31.11 billion. It was founded on October 9, 1701.It is better known for its selective law schools, along with art, medicine, management, and nursing schools. Yale University is ranked as the finest place to invest in higher education in America. In 2013, alumni, Charles Johnson of Yale College, donated $250 million to help build two new residential colleges at the university, the largest donation in the university's history. Stephen Adams contributed 100 million dollars to construct the Yale School of Music, which is named after him as the Adam Center for Musical Art.

University of Texas system

This university is located in Austin, Texas, in the United States. It is the third-richest university in terms of donation rankings, which are estimated at $30.1 billion. This university was established in 1883. In 2010, $120 million was donated by Bill and Melinda Gates for the construction of a computer science complex. In 2012, the Moody Foundation donated $50 million for the College of Communication. Other supporters of the McCombs School of Business include Hearst Corporation, the Mulva Foundation, and McCombs alumni.

Stanford University

This university is in Stanford, California, in the United States. It is the fourth-richest university in terms of donations, which amount to $28.9 billion. This university was established in 1891. This university stands out for its academic publications. In 1940, Fredrick Terman, an alumni and head of the school of engineering, played an important role in the rise of Silicon Valley. In 2012, Stanford accumulated funds worth $1.035 billion and became the first school in America to raise such a large amount in a year. In 2001, the Hewlett Foundation donated $400 million, and it was regarded as the top donor to the university. Just after this, Philip H. Knight donated $105 million. Other donors, like Robert King and John Arrillaga, donated more than $150 million.

Princeton University

Princeton University is in Princeton, New Jersey, in the United States. As per endowment rankings, it is the fifth-richest university, with $26.6 billion as the largest endowment per student in the United States. On January 18, 1746, the university was founded. In 2007, Whitman College was named after eBay CEO Meg Whitman, who donated $30 million. In 2011, Chairman of Amazon Jeff Bezos and his wife Mackenzie contributed $15 million. In 2012, Bijan and Sharmin Mossaver-Rahmani, both Princeton University alumni, offered $10 million to build the centre for Iran and Persian Gulf studies.

University of California

This university is located in Oakland, California. This is ranked as the sixth-richest university according to donation rankings. This university has received donations totaling $21.1 billion. This university was established on March 23, 1868. It is built across ten official campuses in the state of California. In 2007, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation donated $113 million to Berkeley, making it the biggest contributor to the university. BP, a world leader in energy production, donated $500 million to fund the university’s bioscience institute, and Dow Chemical Co. also donated $10 million to sustainability research. In 1989, Walter Elis donated $23.7 million. Richard and Rhoda Goldman contributed $10 million, and in their honour, the Goldman School of Public Policy was renamed.

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology is situated in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia. This university is regarded as the seventh richest university according to its endowment ranking, which is $20 billion. It was started in 2009. This university is Saudi Arabia’s first co- education campus. This college is nicknamed "the house of wisdom" because of the international course they are providing. It is the fast growing university in the world.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This university lies in Cambridge Massachusetts. It is the eighth-richest university according to donation rankings that amount to $18.38 billion. It was founded on April 10, 1861.It is also known as the "Mecca" of computer education. Mr. Smith, an anonymous donor, is regarded as the biggest contributor to funds. After some investigation, it was found that the donor was George Eastman, the founder of Kodak, who contributed $20 million and some stocks in his company. In 1997, the F.W. Olin Foundation helped set up the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering and provided about $460 million by 2005.

University of Pennsylvania

This prestigious university is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. It is the ninth-richest university according to donation rankings that amount to $14.88 billion. This university was established in 1740. In 1755, the institute was renamed the College of Philadelphia, and in 1791, it was renamed the University of Pennsylvania. In 2010, this university received a donation of $400 million from the private sector. In year 2011 businessman and philanthropist Raymond G Perelman donated $225 million and thus the University of Medicine was named as Raymond and Ruth Perelman.

Northwestern university

This university is situated in Evanston, Illinois. According to donations it has received, it is the tenth-richest university. Donations totaled $14 billion to the university. On January 28, 1851, this university was founded. There are two campuses of this university, one in Illinois and one in Chicago. The school of business on campus was renamed the J.L. Kellog Graduate School of Management. In 2002, in honour of the Joseph and Bessie Feinberg Foundation, which donated $75 million, a Feinberg school of medicine was started. In 2013, the Northwest Innovation and New Ventures office made $79.8 million in revenue.


We have compiled the universities list which are ranked as top richest universities of the world. These universities are not only rich but these are very best in studies too. Students across the world queue over these universities to be part of their study curriculum. 

Top 10 Universities in the World