Top Video Conferencing Tools For Personal And Corporate Meetings 2023

Video conferencing tool is a live as well as visual connection via the internet between two parties who can communicate face-to-face. Video conferencing is important for communication between two parties who would not be able to meet face-to-face. Let's check the list of some video conferencing platforms.

Choose the Best Video Conferencing Tool for Online Meeting


It is best for those who work remotely or have remote team members. Zoom is a popular favourite among virtual educators. Zoom allows for simple and easy setup for meetings and provides regular personal meeting rooms. Using Zoom you can create a private meeting link with an individual or team and allow them to connect remote team members via video.

Features of Zoom's video conferencing platform

Zoom can host up to 100 participants.

It can cause one-on-one group meetings.

It offers HD video and audio.

It allows screen sharing with private and group chats.

Google Hangouts

It is a simple and easy way to connect through your Google contacts, and it can be used for personal and business reasons. This tool is utilized for individual conversations team meetings, recorded demos and many more.

Google Hangouts allows 25 video participants.

It has audio, video, and messenger conversations.

Video conferencing recordings

It allows video sharing.

Dialpad Meetings

This platform offers a free version of Meetings for up to 10 people or less. Its free version limits video call duration to 45 minutes; therefore, it is ideal for short meetings. As it allows unlimited video conferences, you can use this video conferencing tool for recurring meetings or 1-on-1 monthly team briefings.

This platform allows 10 participants.

This platform allows for unlimited conferences.

This platform allows call recording with HD videos.

This platform shares screens and documents.

TrueConf Online

TrueConf offers offers free plan connects three participants in video calls. This solution is great for small teams or individuals who require simple tools to host video calls in collaboration with small groups. The collaboration features like remote desktop control are helpful for those in support who need a client to solve problems.

Features of TrueConf

Three participants can join the team calls at a time.

TrueConf offers HD video calls.

This platform has features like screen sharing, remote desktop control, recorded calls file transfer and shared virtual whiteboard.


The free version of Skype supports video conferencing for small teams with up has 10 members. It is handsome tool if you require an easy way to video chat from your computer, or through your phone or tablet allowing to have small group meetings for one to one conversation. Skype has a tool known as Skype in the Classroom that is specifically designed for online education.

Features of Skype

It allows for about 10 people on video calls.

It allows HD video calling with screen sharing.

It also allows users to record video calls and have interactive video chats.


FreeConference is best suited for small teams or meetings with five or fewer participants. It is a very simple video conferencing tool that does not require any downloads to start using it. Moderator control allows individual who are running video conferences to keep their meetings on the track.

Features of FreeConference

It allows five online meeting participants with screen sharing.

It prompts document sharing and text chat.

Lifesize Go

Lifesize Go is a video conferencing platform that is used by remote employees, remote freelancers, and those who are working with clients to rarely host larger group meetings. They have plans that include solutions for bigger teams, and the free version offers a nice amount of features for individuals and small group conversations.

Features of Lifesize Go

It allows up to 8 participants without restrictions on meeting length.

It allows screen sharing.

Slack video calls

Slack users take advantage of the call feature by simply using the command call or clicking the phone icon at the top of the conversation with another Slack user. This provides an easy way to make calls right from Slack if you need to ask a teammate to answer a quick question. You can Slack up to 15 people if you start a call from a channel, which enables the rest of the members to join. This tool is good for teams that are looking for a supplementary video call solution for small teams.

Features of Slack

It allows group calls for up to 15 people.

It helps manage individual calls.

It also has a messenger for chat.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a great video conferencing platform for businesses, influencers, and individuals who broadcast demos, videos, or showcase the culture of their companies while streaming live. The followers of a facebook account can comment and chat live, where you can select a custom audience for the video, and you can schedule videos ahead of time to gain excitement.

Features of Facebook Live

It allows broadcasts for up to four hours.

It allows advanced scheduling.

It can lead to customised audiences.

YouTube Live

YouTube Live is similar to Facebook Live as a platform for demonstrating a product with live Q&A, thus hosting an educational session to teach your audience while screen sharing or using a whiteboard, or hosting a live conversation with members of your team.

Features of YouTube Live

It offers three stream quality options: normal latency, low latency, and ultra-low latency.

It offers added delays.

It has the option of taking live questions from the audience.

It offers private live streams.

It offers advanced scheduling.

Benefits of videoconferencing platforms

Improves Communication-

 Video conferencing is beneficial for clear communication to understand projects, set expectations, and meet goals. It keeps an eye on other people in the meeting; it engages participants in multitasking and sets them up to process and understands more clearly.

Helps build relationships

When you meet face-to-face or make a personal connection, pick up on verbal and nonverbal cues to build trust. Video conferencing helps people build relationships inside and outside their companies.

Saves Money.

 By giving your team an easy way to meet face-to-face video conferencing delivers a personal experience without the expense of travel. This means there is no airfare required for training, conferences, big meetings, and gatherings so that you can focus your resources elsewhere.

Saves time

Video conferencing technology allows you to save travel time so that you can spend less time travelling to meetings and become more focused on pressing work. It also helps you save time in other ways. It eliminates the disruption of barrages of messages, reduces confusion, and gets your team aligned faster, thereby reducing the amount of time it takes to complete projects.

Top Video Conferencing Tools For Personal And Corporate Meetings 2023