Best Color Options To Paint Exterior Walls Of Your House

Painting the exterior walls can significantly change the appearance, value, and quality of your house. There are various paint types with different colours that give different looks to your home; a bright colour coat will give a fresh and inviting appearance, while good paint gives a damage-proof look.

Top 10 Paint Exterior Walls

Selecting the right colour combination for exterior walls is more important than choosing the style of front doors and glass windows in a house. It is crucial for home builders, as a wrong choice leads to vain efforts.

Whether you are revitalising an existing exterior paint job or changing to new colours, making the right choice regarding the exterior walls is very important. Selecting the right type and colour is confusing for many, but do not worry; we will share some insights to help you become familiar with the type of paint that is used in different colour types, which impacts the overall appearance.

Types of Exterior Paint

Masonry Paint

This colour is suitable to protect your exterior walls from weather damage. Going for bold and daring colours or neutral colours is the right choice for this type of colour. Acrylic paint is waterproof and does not allow moisture to damage walls; in fact, it evaporates the moisture that is already present in exterior walls.

Textured Paint

Many imperfections like holes, dents, lumps, and bumps that arise on the exterior walls are masked by textured paint. This type is also a hardworking finish for your home's walls. It is difficult to apply paint to walls.

Smooth Paint

It supports when the base is not rough, and it is used to beautify small areas, but it is not effective on larger patches. Smooth paint is easy to apply in comparison to other types. It is generally used to hide small flaws.

Primer and Sealer

It is not paint, but it is essential for walls especially for exterior walls. Both sealer and primer are applied when the last coat of colour is nicely applied. For a better look, there is also a masonry sealer.

The best colours to paint the exterior walls of your house

The best colour combination for the exterior walls of your house will make your house stand out in the neighbourhood. It is necessary to think carefully before finalising the paint for exterior walls.

Colours to Paint Your Exterior Walls- the best colour combination for the exterior helps the house have the best personality in its neighbourhood. One should think carefully before finalising the paint for exterior walls. Here are some paint colours for your exterior walls.

Yellow- playful and joyous

Yellow is a colour that makes everyone smile. This colour changes the mood to one of joy and playfulness. People who want to make their house shine can go for yellow. It does not suit interior walls, but for exterior walls, it works wonders.

Black- midnight, and bold- Black is a sophisticated colour if it is applied correctly. People who dress well and formally prefer black over other colours, as it is the most classic of all colours. Adding white doors or shutters will give your home a great look.

Navy Blue-Neutral

The navy blue colour is best suited for differently structured houses. Navy blue has a bit more punch than grey, which saves the house from being dull.

White- formal, and creamy

White is an all-time favourite for most housebuilders and lovers. White color suits those houses which have lawns or greenery in front of them. Bright sunlight further elevates the white look of the house.

Red-catchy and vibrant

Red-coloured houses really catch the eye of neighbours and passersby, as they have a bolder appeal than other colours. More outspoken people must go for this colour combination for their exterior walls. Red bricks in place of paint will give a more traditional look.

Sky Blue, Silky, and Relaxing

It is a cheerful and relaxing colour to the eye, as everyone loves blue. People who like to remain calm and want to be relaxed can choose this colour. Emotions are reasonable if the right mix of colours is applied to the exterior walls.

Emotions are balanced if the right mix is applied to the exterior walls.

Brown-textured wood, and chocolaty

The brown colour offers a wooden look to the exterior walls, as it is less harsh on the eyes. This colour gives a welcoming and soft vibe to the user. Nature-loving people can choose this colour as it gives a natural look to the house.

Grey- mysterious, and hazy

The coating of grey colour assists in maintaining neutrality when it is used on the exterior walls of a house. This colour gives a dull look, which excites the viewer. A combination with other colours helps it mix well with themes.

Beach- Sandy

Beach lovers or travel lovers opt for this colour, as it gives off a laid-back and relaxed vibe. This color is favorite among people who are living near the beaches but general people do not go for this color as exterior paint.

Green- Natural and Warm

Green is for nature lovers and mixes well with a wintery and forested look. This is a refreshing, non-rustic look. People do not go for green until the surroundings support that colour. A green coating with stonework is a good combination for the way exterior walls look.

Conclusion: There are a lot of options for the best exterior wall look because it all depends on the factors that surround when choosing the outer wall colour and colour attributes. The right colour decision is the most crucial step, and this article can help you choose the best option for your house’s exterior wall paint.

Best Color Options To Paint Exterior Walls Of Your House