Try These Online Learning Management Systems For Employee Training In Your Organization

Companies have instated online learning for their teams, using online learning management system you can now offer your staff a consistent learning experience. The days of training employees in Conference halls have become things of past, instead employee training software empowers team members to enable their teams to get trained at their own pace.

What Is Learning Management Systems?

Learning management system (LMS) assists organizations to run internal training and skills for their employees. It is designed to assist teams to deliver manage and track employee progress as they move ahead in training programmes. In online training customized training materials with multimedia contents keeps teams engaged. This articles collects 9 best employee training software for companies. Let’s study in details each one of them.


This is one of the best employee training software that creates courses to allow users to automatically enroll new hires into their onboarding and training content. As software Trackstar offers different cloud based solutions for performance management, workforce analytics, applicant tracking and learning management. Its Learning Management System in particular is purpose built for HR professionals interested to create robust training solutions, Onboarding Programmes learning paths and continuous content promotion. Trackstar facilitates HR leaders to streamline the learning experience for entire workforce through a compliant learning management system. The LMS providers learners meaningful content that keep up to date with compliance requirements, safety regulations and product training in different industries like government sector, Healthcare, E-commerce and higher education. Trackstar’s LMS can be used online, in person or in a hybrid environment going through training, upskilling and onboarding online learning. The trackstar facilitates digital learning, online courses and training management.


Connecteam is employee training software that fulfils the needs of remote workers and teams for dynamic online learning and development. Using these company app users can communicate, manage and train remote employees. This software facilitates new hire onboarding routine professional skills and regulatory courses for remote employees. It has easy to use course creation tool. It has user friendly design and this course creation tool is flexible and customizable. A mobile knowledge centre keeps remote employees engaged regardless of where they are. The software creates an employee handbook, catalogues, menus, policies and tips that employees in specific roles need to learn. All the required information can be accessed with a single click. The user friendly mobile app makes online app more straightforward and accessible to remote employees. The courses are divided into different chapters with visualised course completions to ensure that trainees can track their progress on the go. There is a continuous training option, allowing learners to pick up their training where ever they are. Timeline tracking, dynamic employee smart groups and admin permissions advanced filtering and bulk actions are some features of this app.

iSpring Learn

iSpring is a robust, user-friendly management software that does not require installation or complex IT deployment. It is grab and go solution if you need to launch company wide training and get it automated. You can get customized enrollment rules and send enrollment messages to selected learners to encourage them to take courses tailored to their needs. Learners can access the platform in browsers or the iSpring Learn Mobile app. LMS admins can navigate reports using filters and get appraisals of employee training. Team leaders and departmental managers can see essential training statistics on supervisor dashboards.

Absorb LMS

With this platform, employee training becomes easy and simple, establishing an organizational culture of learning. You can customize the user experience and design reporting and dashboards to fit the needs of every team. It is intelligently crafted for all types of organizations and learners. This platform helps in onboarding new employees, meeting regulatory compliance standards, keeping training on track, and moving people forward. This software can be scaled to evolving business needs and has a growing number of integrations with leading software providers like Salesforce, ADP, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom. It also provides fast access to ready-to-use courses through content library partners such as BizLibrary, Skillssoft, LinkedIn Learning, and more.

Kallidus Learn

Kallidus Learn is modern employee training cloud-based software to facilitate employee training, making the learning and development process faster and more effective for everyone involved. Kallidus cloud-based LMS offers compliance management and certification features. The system caters to mid-market and large-scale businesses in most industries and is optimized for mobile devices, meaning learners can conveniently use their smartphone to access training courses. This LMS is accessible from any location with internet connectivity. HR managers, trainers, and course content creators have access to different aspects of the LMS and their customized online learning and development programmes, which include a calendar view, an overview of individual learner progress, and a more comprehensive view of individual courses available.


This software provides snapshots of learning environments with performance reporting. It is a powerful learning management system used to train employees online. It has easy-to-use online employee training software that was developed to make learning experiences easy for administrators and learners alike. Modern design, simplified navigation, and efficient flows create a straightforward yet engaging employee experience. Thanks to the software design, users will find it easy to view information, access training material on the platform, and complete online courses as needed. This software makes training easy and simple.


It is best for employees to use an LMS where they can interactively learn more about how software functions online during training. It is all in one digital environment with different products and solutions for employee training. The constructor can improve training as employees can ask questions on their own time and assist them as they fail to understand parts of the course.


Leapsome is learning software that helps employees and employers keep track of people's learning, development, and skills. Leapsome is an employee training platform that helps organizations and employees learn, engage, and perform. It is chosen by companies like Spotify, Northvolt, and Babbel. Leapsome enables a continuous cycle of performance management and personalized learning that powers the growth of people and businesses. This software has features like personalized paths that assist employees with content that is easy to sequence and customize for specific teams or functions, along with learning schedules that control the pace of learning paths to make sure that people spend the right time on each module.


It is a cloud-based e-learning management system that helps build, share, and track training courses from a single interface. Training managers can create many courses and lessons based on text, images, audio, and videos. Lessonly is popular with companies that require sales and customer service teams to work quickly. This company's software trains people faster than other learning platforms. This tool integrates with popular platforms like Salesforce, Zendesk, and Slack.

Try These Online Learning Management Systems For Employee Training In Your Organization