Top Paying Airport Jobs Available in the USA

Top Paying Airport Jobs Available in the USA

Nowadays, the USA is facing a shortage of airport employees as older generations head into retirement. Many job openings are available in Airports or airlines for unemployed people in the USA. Several people across the USA work in airports and generate potential income. Airports jobs offer many benefits, including an exciting workplace, discounted travel, and generous pay. As of now, several people have connected with USA-based airport jobs, some experts have revealed.

Are you looking for the top-ranked airport jobs in the USA? Now, many airport job opportunities are present in airports in the United States, some of which hire various positions of airports, from technicians to customer service agents, so you may apply today for one of all airport jobs with some experience in the airport industry.

Why do more people choose the airport industry to make careers?

The airport or airline industry in the USA has become more popular than other industries. Many job opportunities present in the USA for people having a degree or diploma certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. It is one of the best career industries in the USA that offer a potential income after pursuing a degree or certificate.

Because of offering many job opportunities, this industry is being considered by more students in the United States.

Top-Ranked Airport Jobs In The USA With Their Salaries

Check out a list of the top-ranked airport jobs available in the USA.

Whether you’re fresh out of the Institute or looking for a career in 2022, US-based airport jobs may provide a handsome salary as well as a dynamic workplace. So explore the top highest-paying airport jobs available in the USA.


A concessionaire is a professional who works in major airports. Discover the food concessions employment opportunities at airport terminals in the USA. Whether you’re fresh out of school in the USA and looking for the best airport job, then Concessionaire is a perfect job. The minimum wage of Concessionaires is $12.49 per hour or $25,980 per year in the USA. Approximately 5000 plus job opportunities are available in the USA for Concessionaires, so you may get this job and generate potential income from this.

Cabin Cleaner

Cabin Cleaner is another top-paying airport job in 2022. It is a type of custodial worker who is responsible for cleaning airplane cabins and related work. Keeping flights organized and on schedule, working clean cabins between flights, maintaining restrooms and crew service areas, and refilling food and drink supplies are the top tasks for a Cabin Cleaner in the airport industry. The minimum salary for a Cabin Cleaner is approx $27,809 per year in the USA. If you have a high school diploma or equivalent with some skills, including physical fitness, and time management, you may pursue a Cabin Cleaner job in the USA.


Custodians perform many tasks, including maintenance, upkeep, and cleanliness of the airport. They are also responsible for cleaning passenger areas, performing light building or ground maintenance, and managing cleaning equipment. However, work usually doesn’t require any special degree or certificate, or extensive work experience to be hired as a Custodian. But some employers prefer to hire employees with prior experience for Custodian positions. The average salary for Custodian starts approx $29,760 annually in the USA. If you meet the eligibility criteria for the Custodian position, you may get it and make your career bright.

Baggage Handler

Baggage Handler is a notable airport job in the USA for people trying to get airport jobs. This role is physically demanding because the baggage handler is responsible for moving all sorts of baggage, such as luggage and cargo, on and off planes. They typically work in airports, but may also be employed by private airport companies or other organizations that regularly handle a large amount of baggage. Filling reports about any damaged or mishandled baggage and loading and unloading items of cargo onto planes using forklifts or other machinery are the top tasks for every baggage handler.

In this role, you may get an average salary of $30,409 per year in the USA.

Ramp Agent

Like Baggage handlers, ramp agents play many roles in the airport industry. They report to a ramp supervisor in the airport place. They are responsible for various external maintenance tasks between flights, from assisting embarking or disembarking passengers to refueling the plane. As a ramp agent, you will be able to get an average salary of $35,230 per year. Anyone can start their career with this job because work usually doesn’t require any formal education and extensive work skills to be hired.

Aircraft Fueler

Aircraft fuelers ensure the refueling of airport vehicles and aircraft throughout the day. This role is also physically demanding because it often climbs stools or ladders to access fuel ports and attach fuel hoses. Most employers prefer to hire aircraft fuelers with prior experience, but they require a high school diploma or equivalent and provide training for workers. If you have a high school diploma and some skills, including customer service skills, computer skills, and second languages, you may be hired as an Aircraft Fueler. The average salary for an aircraft fueler is $39,900 annually in the USA.

Airport Security Handler

Airport Security Handlers perform many tasks in airport places, including carrying out patrols in airports, resolving passenger inquiries, evacuating people during emergencies, and inspecting passengers. They are also known as transportation security officers or screeners. A high school diploma, some training, and on-the-job experience to learn TSA protocols and procedures are considered by most employers. The salary for airport security handlers is around $45,470 annually in the USA.


All of these are the highest-paying jobs in the USA in 2022. Millions of people have chosen these airport jobs because they offer smart income and excellent workplaces. If you have a decent education and extensive work skills, choose the best airport job that suits your interest and qualification. Try an online search, what are available job openings in airports in the USA.

Top Paying Airport Jobs Available in the USA