Taxi Driver Job As Promising Career In The USA

Taxi drivers hail passengers from one pick point to another in return they collect fares for this service. Taxi drivers keep log of mileage and time and report to central dispatcher through radio. A taxi driver collects passengers from airports, private homes, city streets and public sites like cinema halls, theatres hotels and shopping centres.

Taxi driving is one of the great employment providers in USA. There is always a great need of drivers in the different areas of America and every year foreigners come to USA as taxi drivers to meet the ever increasing demand of drivers. The foreigners have to apply to numerous vacancies in taxi driving jobs and then after receiving offer letter they can apply for working visa to United States.

General Skills Required Becoming A Taxi Driver Job In USA

Map Reading Skills- Taxi drivers have to navigate through different routes to their passenger’s destination and it is necessary to read maps in bigger cities therefore drivers know very well the different routes of the city.

Knowledge of Local Culture- Taxi drivers should better know the different sources of information about local and surrounding places. They must be able to locate their route effortlessly to transport you to the destination.

Multitasking- Taxi drivers should have ability to multitask.

Patience: Taxi drivers should keep their minds cool as they have to deal with demanding customers at times; therefore, they may be hurried, intoxicated, or furious.

Driver skills: Taxi drivers should be able to operate their cars quickly and safely to avoid problems and accidents on the road.

Requirements of being a taxi driver

The minimum age for drivers is 19 years old, and it is necessary to attain this age before starting this job.

Driver's licence: It is necessary to have a legal driver's licence from your home country and then pass a driver's licence exam in the United States, followed by training to get US permission for taxi driving from the municipality.

Taxi Licence: It is mandatory to have a taxi licence before getting hands-on steering. Many people start working for licenced firms and work their way up to private contractors after saving enough money to start their own business.

Car: Any automobile that meets safety and maintenance requirements can operate as a taxi. If you are not a private cab driver, then the car can be provided by the firm for which you work.

Insurance: Taxi drivers must possess insurance coverage according to state requirements, unless you are a solo driver.

Clean Driving Record: You must not have drunken driving records or significant accidents that can jeopardise your chances of acquiring cab driver employment in America.

IDP: To drive as a foreigner, you must obtain an International Driving Permit, which is an identification recognised by different nations worldwide.

Driving Training: Most of the drivers receive little training. Taxi drivers must complete a brief term of on-the-job training, which can last for two weeks. In American cities, certain municipalities have proper laws for training. Local restrictions allow drivers to learn how to drive under these laws.

Apart from the above requirements, it is required for a taxi driver to have at least a high school diploma for employment as a cab driver in the United States.

Career and Economic Outlook of the Taxi Driver Job

As stated by the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics, job growth for taxi drivers is expected to reach 28% from 2021 to 2031 in cities that are experiencing population growth and in cities with the largest number of taxi drivers, like New York, Las Vegas, and Chicago. In 2021, the average hourly salary for taxi drivers will be $14.09, and the average annual salary will be $29,310.

Alternative career options for drivers in the US

After meeting the norms of being a taxi driver in the United States, you can prepare for different jobs in other areas, like bus driver or truck delivery driver.

Bus Driver

Apart from being high school diploma holders, prospective bus drivers should complete training programmes and secure a commercial driver’s licence. It is estimated that there will be 12% growth for all bus drivers, who work as transit and intercity drivers, with an 8% rise in jobs from 2021 to 2031. Transit and intercity bus drivers will receive an hourly wage of $23.37 in 2021 and an average annual wage of $48,620, as reported by Bureau of Labour Statistics.

Delivery Truck Driver: Delivery truck drivers should have a high school diploma and complete employer-sponsored training. In the 2021–2031 projection period, delivery truck drivers are estimated to experience an 11% increase in employment based on data from the BLS. They have an average hourly wage of $17.62 and an annual salary of $36,660.

The Top Benefits of Being a Taxi Driver

Flexible Hours

Drivers have flexible hours of work, especially if they have their own taxi. They can spend their spare time with their family or go drop their kids off at school. The working hours depend on the time of day, i.e., most drivers work morning and evening, and during the day they are idle.

Own work

Taxi driving is like being your own boss, meaning you are self-employed, working the hours you want, and keeping your fares yourself. But working as your own boss will not give you sick leave, holiday pay, or a pension contribution. It is better to get your cab insured, as it is a means of your livelihood.

Making money

It is known that taxi drivers, on average, earn $36,000 per year. As this is a one-person business, it largely depends on you. If you are prepared to put in the hours and work at anti-social times, your profits will soar.

Quick to get started

Setting up as a taxi driver is the easiest way to earn $36,000 per year. But there are some qualifications that you should get to become a driver, and these qualifications are also easy. A driving licence and taxi insurance are some easy-to-get things for becoming a taxi driver.

Variety and interest

Hate offices for a taxi driver, no two days are ever the same. Working as a taxi driver will allow you to meet new people. The airport in the morning, hospitals in the afternoon, and hotels at night are diverse places where a driver has to commute.

Meeting new people

While working as a driver, you get a chance to meet new people, have conversations with them during the journey, and get to know their interests. At times, you may even get a chance to meet celebrities.

Helping Others

While driving, you get a chance to assist someone in being dropped off at their home from an airport or railway station. They bring the tired passengers to their homes using a wheelchair if their passengers are impaired.

Great Prospects

There are great prospects. If you work sincerely for a few hours and make a saving, then you can buy your own fleet of taxis and start your taxi business.


Being a taxi driver in USA

Taxi Driver Job As Promising Career In The USA