Most Popular Online Payroll Systems for Small Businesses and Individuals

How Small Businesses and Individuals use Most Popular Online Payroll Systems to pay

Different online payroll services charge fees on monthly or yearly basis based on employees or offer customized fee package for their services from small businesses or individuals.

Some of these payroll services even use specific accounting software for this purpose. These online services even benefit HR solutions in payments in lieu of certain fee or may offer free if licensed accounting software is used.

Most Popular Online Payroll Systems 2022

Recently surveys suggest that most employees working in different organizations had issues related to compensation where the employees don’t trust employers in payments. Therefore it is observed that it becomes necessary to deploy independent contractors to process payroll on timely basis with accurate payouts. Therefore mistakes in calculating wages, for different local, state or federal organizations are avoided and a feeling of mistrust never develops in workers.

Use of online payroll services greatly improves the ways how you compensate the employees working for you. Since online payroll services boost employee satisfaction by reducing errors, these services also provide value for money and offer good return on investment.

As an entrepreneur or small business owner you can opt for different payroll service providers that could compensate your employees because these online payroll service providers boost confidence in your employees too by calculating accurate wages.

List of Most Popular Online Payroll System Providers in 2022


Onpay offer simplest cost structure for all its users. The Onpays payroll service pays each employee every month by directly depositing in their salary accounts or by Paper cheque.  When you own a small business time is precious for you and running a payroll would be time consuming your efforts would divert your time in preparing payments for your employees rather than your business, Onpay solves your payment issues which is very easy to use and can compensate employees on weekly basis and pay freelancers working on different projects. This can be used multiple times . Onpay payroll includes tax deduction offering payroll tax preparation, tracking up to date tax forms and changes in taxes from local, state and federal government. The base fee is $36 per month plus $4 dollars per employee as pricing plan for running Onpay payroll.

Paychex Payroll: Best for Larger Businesses

Using Paychex Payroll employees can be paid by direct deposit, paper checks or pay cards.

Paper checks can be printed or mailed, Paycheck include HR related services too. Paychecx also offers multiple payments that are branded paying different suppliers or parties associated with your business.

Paychex is cloud based payment service provider, therefore it is accessible online, Mobile apps on Android and iOs can be installed to check your business payments made. Payroll information such as salaries, wages pay rates can be entered using Paychex.  Paychex offer self service to employees where they can log in using their details and review their payments before payday. Employees are notified on their emails, Smartphone of smart watch when their paystub is ready to use. This marks the clarity between your business and employees therefore ensuring everything is accurate before actual payment done.

Paychex offer different pricing plans that depend on size of business and needs.

Go: It is most basic plan, lowest cost plan It offer payroll processing and payroll tax preparation services along with time and attendance tracking and new hire onboarding reports.

Flex Select: This plan expands offerings of Go plan adding access to dedicated payroll specialist to advice your business.

Flex Enterprise: This plan adds customized analytics, reports and HR administration tools to package.

Gusto Payroll benefits companies by added HR Services

Gusto is cloud based system easy to use and offer a variety of valuable features, like direct deposit, an autopilot tool, and new hiring reports and detailed payroll reporting.

A unique feature of this payroll service is huge array of HR tools and features in some of the higher priced plans these are accessible to HR professionals who can make advices and guide the businesses for decision making and other HR related matters.  Gusto pricing plans is ranging from $19 to $149 per month and $6 to $12 per employee per month. There are four payroll price plans offered by Gusto-

Core- This is cheapest basic plan beginning at $19 per month plus $6 per month per employee. The base fee increases to $39 after 6 months from the date of sign up. This plan  have additional features like payroll processing, employee portal, health benefits, workers compensation and management tools.

Complete- It costs around $39 per month plus $12 per employee each month. It builds on core plan with added features like PTO management, employee directories and surveys.

Concierge- This is top payroll service plan offered by Gusto starting at $149 per month, plus $12 per employee per month. It builds on adding On-demand HR services i.e., expert HR opinion on request.

It includes dedicated support team working solely to your account and gathers important information about your business.

Contractor- Gusto provides a contractor only plan for employers who work as independent contractors or freelancers. This is base fee free plan, it just charges $6 per contractor paid per month.

The Gusto platform handles tax registrations for employees in 50 states of USA. It also support contractor payments in around 80 countries. This payroll assists employees moving to new states to quickly register with state and local tax authorities.  Gusto is very simple and easy to understand payroll service provider.

ADP Payroll Software- Best for Complex Businesses

ADP gives multiple service plans to meet business needs, it is major player in industry’s market share. ADP charges on per employee payout therefore different employee types with different pay schedules add up together.

ADP is scalable Payroll platform that has various tools to cater needs of complex businesses that operate in highly regulated industry or across states or even national borders. ADP works across many industries and verticals, This Company offers payroll platforms for small, midsize and large businesses. Its Run platform is designed for organizations with less than 50 employees, while Workforce Now Platform is meant for employees ranging from 50 to 999 employees of a business, Organizations with more than 1000 employees have options of Enterprise platform. Pricing plans for customers are

Essential - This cater to an employee’s self service portal, direct deposit payment, prepaid debit cards and paper checks. It offers new hire tools, payroll reports and a small business marketing toolkit.

Enhanced- This plan covers features of Essential plan plus it gives state unemployment insurance management and offers an ADP signed paper checks for you. Business can run background checks on new hires and post new job openings on ZipRecruiter.

Complete- This payroll plan has employee handbook wizard, job posting and applicant tracking feature.  Complete offers HR forms and documents and HR training and toolkits. This plan offers a team of dedicated HR professionals who can offer guidance on HR related issues.

HR Pro- It provides HR helpdesk, employee handbook support, employer and employee training, sexual harassment prevention training.

Payroll processing is made easy with ADP while it can be operated via iOS or android on Desktop or Mobile devices. ADP automates employee paychecks based on their wages and time offs. It can even integrate with other services like time and attendance software

With the aid of artificial intelligence and machine learning this tool can detect mistakes before payrolls are processed.

Rippling: Best for Ease of Use

Rippling can sync data of more than 400 employees to automate payroll, it offers user friendly interface which require minimal training. Rippling is strictly paid payroll tool for businesses.

Key metrics like time worked by workers, paid time offs and total labor expenses are readily processed in this tool. This payroll service offers direct deposits or you can opt for paper checks if you are employee that a business works on Rippling Payroll. It automatically deducts tax according to Filing of employees tax returns.

Square Payroll- Best for Payroll Tax Preparation

Square is user friendly platform that require minimum training. It combines payroll data with taxation to ensure tax compliance of a business to assist meeting filing tax deadlines.

Square support third party integrations. It also offers features like online payroll service. It streamlines data of payroll and automatically deducts taxes based on early existent data. It offers prompt payment to employees.

Intuit QuickBooks Payroll: Best for Small Businesses

This payroll has numerous service plans with different range of prices. This payroll integrates with QuickBooks accounting software. QuickBooks payroll service providers offer flexible payroll plans options available with different range of services and prices. Among other counterparts QuickBooks provide most flexible payroll plans that have online payroll and Desktop Payroll each of which has QuickBooks accounting software integration added to it. Some plans offer on payroll processing while others offer a variety of human resource services that are valuable for small businesses that do not have in-house HR team.  It offers 30 day free trial.

Different Online Plans of Intuit QuickBooks Payrolls

Core- This is lowest Priced Plan at $45 dollars per month plus $4 per employee per month. It includes health benefits, workers compensation management, automatic payroll options etc.

Premium- It is low cost plan at $75 per month plus $8 per employee per month, It provide same day direct deposit, access to HR support team, mobile tracking and expert setup review.

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll pricing plans-

Basic- It is basic payroll plan that include direct deposit, printable paychecks, and live customer care. It costs $29 per month plus $2 for each employee.

Enhanced- this payroll plan covers state and federal payroll taxation reports, It costs $45 per month and $2 for each employee.

Assisted Payroll- This desktop payroll plan calculates files and pays payroll taxes on time. It provide tax guarantee that your payroll taxes will be paid on time. The company gathers all information of your company employees in its own system and will present prepared taxes. This plan costs $109 per month plus $2 per month. With flexible and easy to use options suitable for small businesses QuickBooks payroll is best.

Deluxe- offers consultative approach to Payroll

Deluxe offers full service payroll with dedicated customer service team that facilitates your business.

Deluxe pricing is customized and requires consultation with sales executives.  It has online payroll service with full customer service team to support. This team is dedicated to your account so thorough knowledge of your business is available to payroll service provider to make accurate decisions and payrolls.

Deluxe pricing is customized depending on size of your business and services your business requires. Deluxe develops a specialized service to each client, because it is consultative in nature where a sales executive will reveal you the suitable options for your business.

Zenefits- Best Payroll Module with HR software suite integration

Zenefit is Fully HR platform payroll that include online payroll software as one of the module among many others. It relies on data collected from other modules of HR platforms to improve payroll processing and tax filing. Zenefits is not ideally payroll software it works in integration with broader HR platform. Zenefits provide easy to use software that run payroll in four easy steps. It makes manual adjustments like bonuses to employees, Zenefits offer unlimited payroll processing wage support, direct deposits, multiple pay schedules and rate tables.

Paycor- ideal for Employee Self-Service

It offers self service to employees about their information and compensation given to them. It ensures tax preparation for employees and employers to meet target deadlines.

Paycor charge flat monthly rates rather per employee fee, therefore small businesses will prefer Paycor over other payroll service providers. Paycor’s user interface is quite easy and its self service portal assists business employees to review compensation and updating personal or financial information.

Paycor has 3 price plans with flat monthly rates only. This is contradictory to online payroll software industry that usually charge base rate plus per employee per month fee. Paycor is cost effective for small businesses but can be money saving for mid to large size companies.

Most Popular Online Payroll Systems for Small Businesses and Individuals