Marketing Automation And Crm Automation To Streamline Efforts In Business

What is CRM marketing automation?

Marketing tactics have changed a lot these days, and they have become more complex and confusing than ever. Consumers are using different media platforms to gather data and remain updated, thus making life difficult for marketers. But with marketing automation features in CRM a business can streamline and optimize different marketing tasks by delivering right content to right audience thus closing deals faster, thereby increasing revenue and profits.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation can be defined as the technology by which marketers can target their customers with their personalised campaigns through the use of data. Marketing automation can drive high profits by running effective campaigns, by increasing consumer engagements thus streamlining marketing efforts in single direction.

What is the difference between marketing automation software and CRM?

To drive profits for enterprises, it is necessary to understand the difference between CRM and marketing automation before you adopt or implement them in your business processes.

Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation software is focused on marketing and delivering personalised campaigns. Marketing automation software is limited to marketing and thus allows companies to streamline marketing activities, automate marketing campaigns, and gain insights based on data.

Customer Relationship Management software

CRM solutions are customer-centric and provide a 360-degree view of their customers. The main difference is that the CRM platform is not limited to certain business operations since it allows flexibility for CRM customization so that your software can tell what your business needs and integrations for business optimisation so that you can use different software from a single platform.

Key features and benefits of marketing automation and CRM

Marketing automation is really an amazing technology, but only if it is customised according to the specific needs and requirements of the business. If it is not properly customised, it can be counterproductive. For your convenience, below is a list of key features that you must look for in a marketing automation platform.

Email Marketing Automation

Emails are important communication channels that generate potential business leads. With email automation, you can test email content, create beautiful email templates that match your brand identity, preview your emails across different platforms and devices, and do advanced email reporting.

Marketing automation in CRM contain marketing functions which expand it through custom tailored content interactions by rational workflows. For example, with CRM and marketing automation software, you can send a Happy Birthday message to one of your loyal customers and offer him a discount or send a thank you message when someone makes a purchase. Ask yourself whether your current marketing automation software does this effortlessly. With the CRM platform, marketing is efficient and effective, and there is no doubt it is the best email automation software.

CRM and Marketing Automation Integration

Marketing automation integration works seamlessly with CRM platforms and act as powerful weapon for marketers. Tight CRM integrations allow you to transfer lead information seamlessly between marketing and sales. It also allows you to run effective and personalized marketing campaigns based on data from interactions with customers.

However, better alignment between marketing and sales will improve the effectiveness of campaigns and aid in marketing campaign automation. Your CRM system must understand marketing automation, and marketing automation must understand CRM.

Marketing funnel automation and lead nurturing

Sending the right information to the right prospects at the right time is done by marketing funnel automation. Lead nurturing is the process of sending a series of automated emails that will drive a customer to purchase a product based on a person’s behaviour. Nurturing leads is based on different attributes like behavior, demographics, and buying stage which is most sought after tool for marketers. Amazingly CRM allows you to control this by making it the best marketing automation software.

Campaign Management

Campaign management is a workflow that you use to nurture leads in the sales cycle. Campaign events are timed and triggered; therefore, to run successful campaigns, you have to send direct as well as personalised emails to a large number of people. Make sure the campaign management in your platform can support both inbound marketing and outbound campaigns as well.

Lead management and lead scoring

This is another feature of marketing automation software. Marketers are able to concentrate on the most promising leads due to lead scoring.

Every customer receives a score based on their activities. When a lead matures or reaches a threshold value, it is then assigned to a sales representative so that appropriate action can be taken.  Moving theses leads through whole marketing funnel is a challenging task which has to be handled effectively by your marketing automation software. Apart from this CRM and Marketing software makes you to make strategy in better way so that you can optimize marketing automation efforts in your business.

 Landing Pages

This is better known as a call to action page. A landing page on a website is that page on which traffic is sent specifically to prompt a consumer to take an action. Landing pages increase conversion rates through targeted promotions. You can market many products to audiences using highly customised landing pages with very specific targeted content. Many marketing automation systems have excellent landing page builders; therefore, you must ensure that your landing page is flexible and easy to use.

Social media marketing

Automated social media marketing software has evolved the way marketers communicate with customers on social media channels. It is important to know what customers and prospects have to say about the company’s products and services and knowing how the customers respond to email messages and what they think about content of website content and then incorporate that data into your marketing automation platform. The marketing automation platform that you select must have built-in social media marketing and management tools.

Customer Journey Automation

Monitoring every person visiting your website by tracking their behaviour in your CRM platform, such as which pages they click, from where they access a website, and what keywords they type on Google that direct them to your website, is an important part of customer journey automation. Using CRM software, you can deliver real-time alerts to sales representatives whenever a lead, a prospect, or a customer visits the website. Visitor data is also segmented to focus on prospective customers and increase your conversion rates.

Marketing Automation And Crm Automation To Streamline Efforts In Business