Top-ranked HR Onboarding Tools to Engage Employees

Top-ranked HR Onboarding Tools to Engage Employees

Onboarding is the process by which newly recruited employees are integrated into the organization that hires them. It involves certain activities that make new employees complete an early orientation program. Onboarding acclimatize newly hired employee to fit into their roles in the company, the new recruits get to know about the company’s philosophy, and get to know about the offerings company has to make to its employees. It engages employees by creating workers that are committed to the company’s success and assists in retaining new recruits enabling them to feel like a member of the team.

What is HR Onboarding Software?

Focused on the provision of great experiences for new hires, the onboarding software engages employees from the first day. The integrations of personalized portals, forms, reporting, and payroll integrations smoothly track each transition of employees. These onboarding solutions make the organization and its structure, culture, vision, mission, and values known to new employees.

Key Benefits of Using the HR Onboarding Software 2022

Enhanced Employee Engagement

The onboarding process gives fresh recruits the impression of the organization and thus has a lasting impact on engagement during their tenure with the company. Therefore streamlining and managing the entire process of onboarding software enables employee flexibility by going through hiring and training procedures, therefore allowing them to finish the compulsory training and form-filling at their own pace.

Digitalization and streamlining Documents

Digitalization documents of new hires that verify employee information. Digital functions enable employees to quickly sign, and authorize necessary documents, reducing physical paper storage requirements and file maintenance while enhancing compliance.

Features of onboarding software

Course Management

Onboarding software creates an employee training course and assigns them to employees.

Verification of documents

Fresh recruits can verify documents and their identity through Onboarding software.

Electronic Forms

It can generate digital forms which can be shared and accessed by all necessary parties.

Electronic Sign

It lets users digitally sign the new document in the system itself.

Employee Handbook

New recruits are enabled to develop, store, and manage employee handbooks which can be shared during the onboarding process.

Employee Portal

It offers an online portal that offers self-service functionalities to employees.

File Management

File management of the repository of relevant business documents can lead to business documents.

Orientation Management

Orientation of HR professionals develops and manages suitable orientation programs for new fresh recruits.

Task Management

Task management manages and runs a to-do list of items and monitors the status of each task for new recruits.

Mentor Assignment

It assigns team members to mentor and supports new hires throughout the onboarding processes.

Considerations that have to be kept in mind while purchasing onboarding software.

Mobile Access

HR professionals, recruiters, employees, and managers use onboarding software to oversee a complete onboarding process by filling out necessary forms, downloading and uploading the candidate documents, and tracking their progress as well. As the workforce becomes increasingly mobile, it becomes necessary for vendors to change and meet market demands. Software buyers evaluate their mobile access needs and ensure their short listing of onboarding software options to fulfill all the requirements of the onboarding process.

Integrations of Onboarding software with Existing software

Onboarding software solutions work in concert with other tools, which include HR, Recruiting, Payroll benefits, and administration and reporting of software tools. It is difficult to streamline onboarding processes if your software can’t integrate with existing systems. Therefore, before purchasing research of desired software combination capabilities to ensure you don’t end up with the wrong system.

Different Types of Onboarding Software


It is a leading AI-powered solution for recruitment and staffing companies. It is designed to find and place more hiring using less time and fewer resources as well. Automatic job posting makes it quick and AI-assisted candidate selection. Once your next hire is found, you can conduct interviews through integrated programs, seamlessly begin the digital process, and generate comprehensive reports by checking placements and performances.


Freshteam creates a dynamic employee onboarding process that offers new hire a positive and memorable onboarding experience that welcomes kits and shares all the necessary documents to make your new recruits' first day experience a hassle-free approach.


Deel is global payroll that is built for remote teams, where anyone anywhere gets hired and paid. Immediately hired employees legally. Deel takes care of payroll and creates localized legal contracts in over 150 countries using a tech-enabled self-serve process. Deel serves more than 4,500 customers like SMB traded companies


Rocketlane is a customized onboarding solution that assists in your onboarding solutions and goals, it shortens time to value and delivers a 5-star experience. Rocketlane unites project management, document collaboration, and communication together with one of its kind unified terminal which improves visibility brings uniformity in methodology, and elevates purchaser know-how.


Remote is an onboarding tool that assists companies of all sizes to employ global teams for a low flat rate. We can handle different features like payroll, taxes benefit, and country compliance across the world. For legal and HR experts in every country, Remote offers an easy-to-use solution for a global team while providing the strongest protections for intellectual property rights. Whether you need to establish a new branch or employ a single person in a different country, remote’s global employment solutions cover a lot of features in its package. 

Creative Employee Onboarding

This onboarding solution enables every new recruit to experience an induction program tailored properly. Employee onboarding software pre-defines the information of each role and shares it with appropriate people before the first day. New arrivals can complete pre-training before arrival which ultimately gets quickly training requirements that are time-consuming.

Kissflow Workflow

Kissflow transforms the work of HR professionals by reimagining the employee onboarding experience for every new hire. Kissflow is the best platform for managing the onboarding process of employees. It is extremely easy to use and onboard everyone.

Grove HR

Grove HR is a new HRIS platform that is designed to inspire and engage the young generation at work. Grove HR assists companies to thrive in the future of work by helping HR step into the future of agile, mobile, and social HR processes. It provides a mobile-friendly experience to modern employees.


The fastest way to adapt onboarding practices which improve user onboarding practices but your developers are busy. Your conversion rate suffers. Userflow makes customized in-app surveys, tours, and checklists without any codes.

Cost of Onboarding Software

The cost of Onboarding software is priced per user per month basis, which can be divided into three pricing ranges:




The pricing in this list is priced on vendor websites as entry or lowest priced. The above list summarizes the pricing base plans of most products. An enterprise or premium product that is priced higher includes features like analytics, multimedia support, customized branding, and chat support integrations.

Top-ranked HR Onboarding Tools to Engage Employees