Housekeeper Services To Make Your House Clean And Tidy

Housekeeping is the cleaning and managing of routine activities in a physical space that is used by people, like a house, ship, hospital, hotel, or factory, that involve tidying, cooking, maintaining shopping, and bill payment. These tasks are performed by members of the household or any person hired for this purpose. A housekeeper has a broader role than a cleaner.

Housekeeping job can be broadly divided into two types like domestic housekeeping for privately owned houses and institutional housekeeping for commercial spaces and other institutional properties that include hotels, resorts, hospitals and inns.

A housekeeper is the person who is employed to manage household and domestic staff. Domestic housekeeping, or residential housekeeping, cleans and maintains private residences, homes, and apartments. These include tasks like dusting, vacuuming laundry, and disinfecting surfaces. Housekeepers organize living spaces for example making beds and changing linens on regular intervals. This type of housekeeping is done by professional cleaning services or homeowners themselves. The cleaning frequencies depend on size of the house and number of occupants that live in the house.

Institutional housekeeping

In commercial spaces like hotels, resorts, and inns, housekeeping is the work that provides a clean, comfortable, safe, and aesthetically appealing environment for guests. The operations in a hotel are held responsible for different activities in rooms public areas back areas and surroundings.

Workplace and industrial housekeeping

In this process the industrial workplace is kept clean, hygienic and in order free from extraneous objects and materials which are hazardous. The work here include consideration of layout, marking aisle, storing facilities and maintaining adequate lights and regularly inspecting of fire and incident prevention in occupational health and safety.


This process reduces the risk of damage to the items and removes hazards that cause tripping and obstruction of other activities. It involves putting benches and tables in their assigned places. Without first tidying up, these items can prevent proper cleaning. Putting items in an orderly manner will create a clear space that facilitates the removal of dirt and accessing areas that are hard to reach and clean on a regular basis. This housekeeping do not involve removal of large furniture items to access the surface under of behind them and then putting them in right place where they belong after they are properly cleansed.

Housekeeping tasks involve the disposal of rubbish, cleaning of dirty surfaces, dusting, and vacuuming. The work here involve removing leaves from rain gutters, cleaning window panes and sweeping doormats. Housekeeping is done to make a home look better and make it a safe and easy place to live. If regular housekeeping is not done then lime scales might develop in taps, fungus may grow in wet areas, and dust and dirt may accumulate on surfaces.


One role of a housekeeper is laundry, which includes washing, folding, and packing laundry items. Other tasks in laundry also involve monitoring and changing bed linen and ironing.


Over time, dust accumulates on household surfaces. As it makes the surfaces dirty, when dust is disturbed, it can be suspended in the air, which causes sneezing and breathing troubles. It also transfers from furniture to clothing, making it unclean. Different tools are invented to remove dust, like feather dusters, cotton and polyester dust cloths, furniture spray, dust mops for smooth floors, and vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaners are used to remove dust and dirt particles from carpets, rugs, and hard surfaces. Dusting is very crucial in hospital environments.

Types of housekeeping

Domestic Housekeeping

Domestic Housekeeping is better known as home cleaning which involve cleansing of living rooms, kitchens bedrooms washrooms and other areas of the home. It include various tasks like laundry,  grocery shopping and food preparation.  

Institutional Housekeeping

This housekeeping refers to the cleaning of establishments that offer lodging facilities like hotels, resorts, cruise ships, inns, dormitories, hospitals, and prisons. The institutional housekeepers clean an area, sweep, dust, mop floors, and wipe surfaces to do laundry. Depending on the establishment, these housekeepers are responsible for disinfecting and keeping the business up to health and safety standards. Hospital housekeepers have to perform stringent cleaning to disinfect the premises. It is necessary to sanitise each part of the hospital room to avoid cross-contamination among patients.

Industrial Housekeeping

It is also known as workplace housekeeping," which keeps workplaces clean and tidy. In this duties like wiping hard surfaces, cleaning windows and vacuuming areas to remove dust and dirt particles.

Types of Housekeeping Services

Maid: Maids provide cleaning services. They either live in your home or only visit a few times a month, depending on your needs.

Housekeepers: Housekeepers perform more in-depth services than maids. They even offer deep cleaning and do tasks like grocery shopping or running errands. Housekeepers can live in your home or offer help like twice or three times per month.

Cleaning Company: Cleaning companies offer defined sets of services as scheduled.

Salaries earned by housekeepers every month

The average salaries earned by housekeepers in the USA are $29,250 each year, which means $14.06 an hour. The entry-level housekeepers earn about $25,350 every month, while the experienced workers make around $38,850 each year.

Conclusion: Housekeepers have a great role in cleaning domestic and institutional premises. There are various tasks like removing dust and dirt, mopping floors, and cleaning toilets that are part of the daily work of a housekeeper. Maids work in houses to maintain the cleanliness of the house. The housekeeping job provides a good income for workers.

Housekeeper Services To Make Your House Clean And Tidy