Call center Jobs in United States for Foreigners

Benefits and scope of Call center jobs in America and abroad

One of the most stable employment opportunities in the world economy nowadays calling jobs in the BPO sector. These jobs provide an hourly wage of $17 an hour across the globe and are rushing to take the employment roles abroad. Just make an online search and find the best available vacancies.

Leading businesses in America are relying on customer support to keep their business functioning. The benefits of this employment are large and learn how you can land your perfect call center job today.

American Companies Rely On Call Centers

The businesses of the United States rely heavily on call centers, this call center business is very huge in the United States, these call centers provide employment to 3.3 million people every year. Major companies like AT&T, Wells Fargo, Verizon, Bank of America, and Geico depend on well-trained call center staff to assist their day-to-day customer queries and address their issues. To handle the growing economy of the US many of these companies are looking abroad to hire new employees to ease the demand for customer support executives.

The Top Benefits of Call Centre Employment

No previous experience is required

When we talk about call center work you do not really need any specific skills. If you can speak through a phone and can handle basic communication then this job is meant for you. If you need to pass a basic interview with the employer that involves answering simple questions and you have confidence in your speech then this job is for you.

Improve your service skills

As this job is about talking to people every day the more you talk the better your conversational skill will become. Many people working in this profession have low confidence in dealing with humans but if they practice communication for a few months they can develop good interaction abilities and can become good communicators. Having this skill of interaction with random humans is really good for future roles of employment.

No discrimination

Like other roles of employment call center jobs have no discrimination. People from all walks of life are accepted in call center jobs. No matter what is your age group, no matter what is ethnicity body size, or gender, call center jobs are made for everyone. Call centers usually have a staff of all ages from 18 to 60 years so if you want some fast employment opportunities this is a great platform to start earning money through call center employment. The most important thing employers look for before offering a job is a basic understanding of English which is the major language of nearly all American call center jobs.

If you are good at job requirements like communication then you may get a rapid promotion. The secret to getting promoted in every circumstance is being a team player and being friendly to staff in the workplace. If you have a good work ethic and are determined to be a good customer service representative then it is easy to score high paychecks.

Work from Home Opportunities

The pandemic is disrupting many office spaces all across the globe so in this job there is an option of working from home. If you have a good phone connection then you can take customer support calls even from your lounge room. Just don’t get caught slacking or being lazy, but if you have a good work routine from home then you can save on commute times and vehicle expenses.

Diverse Marketplace

Another huge benefit of call center jobs is that they provide a vast and diverse marketplace in which you are involved. Call centers are nowadays literally speaking the backbone of most industries in the world from telecommunications to energy, retail to fashion, travel, and even food-based business. If you have a passion for a certain industry then you may land a good job that suits your interests easier.

Flexible Working Hours

Call centers operate on different time schedules as per each business. Some people like to run for 24 hours a day while some prefer to operate during business hours 9 am to 5 pm. The different hour schedules mean if you are someone who fancies working in the morning or at night this type of employment may benefit you. It is easy to make work-life equilibrium with its arrangement ability if you have a busy family or other commitments.

High Median Pay Rates

American call center jobs have a very strong median payment rate. With hourly rates of $14 to $17, this job is popular among abroad workers. Working for the same company and showing strong work ethics can lead you to managerial roles in the company with even higher rates. If you can manage your own customer support team you can earn $25+ an hour or even can be placed on fixed salaries each year.

Benefits of Call centers to business

24/7 Customer Support

The business gets extended business hours connectivity to customers because of 24*7 support, the professional agents are available to contact or answer business calls at any time of the day including holidays and weekdays. Moreover, 24*7 availability unlocks the possibility of targeting a global audience.

Access to the latest technology

BPO companies provide businesses the opportunity to use the latest technology without the latter having to shoulder the added cost. Your chosen provider will provide the needed equipment to assist in improving business operations. This is a great way to assist technology more effectively and stay ahead of end-user demands.

Work with the Experts

Outsource call centers support you if you want to connect the customers with polite and trained well behaved professionals at a lower cost. These outsourcing agencies offer tested and proven processes and have gained extensive experience to your advantage. The expert service provider has the capability to understand your business objectives and customer expectation and thus suggests appropriate strategies to your brand. It reduces the need to look for a competent team and invest in providing training to your employees.


Businesses save 50 percent of their costs through outsourcing. Diminishing operating costs that are associated with staffing aids small businesses to manage agents more effectively by offering budget-friendly alternatives to user support software, equipment, and infrastructure.

Improve Efficiency and Productivity.

Call center customer support helps business hire trained employees that allow their repetitive tasks to get maximum value from internal operations and focus on customer service activities. This leads to higher work efficiency and productivity for both businesses and agents.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Knowledgeable experts leave customers with positive impressions of the company.  They are felt more valued. An outsourcing company can improve response time in a matter of minutes and decrease call abandonment.

Businesses obtain great benefits from the above mentions if partnered with the most suitable team to outsource call center services. Who knows it might be what your company needs to enhance customer support operations and stay ahead of the competition.

These American Call Centres Are Hiring Now

To aid and support the rapidly growing economy of North America added resources in call center staff is a priority. Big brands across the globe are hunting for staff to assist fulfill technical and customer support for their products and services. If you have good English and nice manners this opportunity is something to relish. To find the best available positions in your locality make an online search. 

Call center Jobs in United States for Foreigners