Highest Paying Delivery Truck Driver Jobs in America

Post Pandemic the America is facing acute shortage of truck drivers therefore the recruiting companies are hiring international. Presently, there is need of 80,000 new drivers required therefore there is need of many opportunities for truck drivers in USA. To get started now for a truck driver job in America search for available positions now. In every part of nation there is need of truck drivers.

Trucks are basic unit of transportation and the drivers to operate driving these trucks are gum which holds together supply chain together in a growing economy. It is seen that if now something is not done then this shortage of truck drivers will reach 160,000 by 2030. So if you have experience in driving trucks from small to semi trailers there is an opportunity for you to take advantage of this shortage.

Why there is shortage of Truck Delivery Drivers

This shortage of drivers is felt because no new drivers are coming in the system to drive. Over the years delivery and truck driver numbers have fallen down because no new recruits have taken interest to replace the old drivers. Some even feel nervous to drive large trucks on the road as these drivers have to drive their trucks in all type of weather the risk can rise, moreover, the old drivers too have moved to other profession and have quit driving.

Skills necessary for becoming a truck delivery driver

Considering the USA has different weathers all throughout the year it is necessary to drive in extremes of all weather conditions. Cities like Chicago and New York experience a lot of snowfall in winter months therefore putting chains on tyres and driving on slippery roads is important. Places like Las Vegas and California have hot summers and therefore it is hard for many drivers to drive in hot weather as the driving in hot makes drivers tired.

Accurate Map Reading skills- Following the routes through use of maps is vital to reach the destination on time. Using map is vital and if your phone dies, a manual ability of navigating a city is must know for drivers. Also with peak hour traffic routes and jobs offering pay per delivery using back streets the awareness of shortcuts will boost your income.

Friendly Personality- As a delivery driver you get a chance to meet new people everyday therefore you must have a friendly and approachable personality. If you ever come across a challenging customer, then you must be calm composed and hear him patiently before answering politely.

Love to drive- To have a long lasting employment as delivery driver you must love to enjoy driving on the road.  With so many testing times daily on road and traffic jams it is important to keep your cool and just enjoy the road. You can play your favorite music or listen to the radio or can even talk to a friend on hands free device while driving.  Good English Skills- Communicating is important in trucking jobs you must be able to communicate properly therefore you must have good English skills.

Requirements of High Paying Delivery Truck driver jobs

For Small Trucks And Vans: To work as a delivery driver in the United states a basic driving license and 1 year driving experience is mandatory. Commercial driving license or CDL is necessary to drive vehicle on roads it is issued by government and it can be availed from Department of Motor Vehicles. The minimum age for getting a CDL is 18 to 21 years which also depends on the state in which you want the license to work.

For Heavy vehicles-  To work as a heavy vehicle truck driver in the United States a heavy vehicle driving license is required. Again CDL or Commercial driving license is a government issued license which youcn obtain from the Department of Motor Vehicles. Your Employer can give you information about this and many schools for CDL offer training to obtain CDL. There is minimum age requirement of 18 years but if you drive across state borders then this age is 21 years as minimum requirement. A clean driving record is ideal for employers to have higher interest in choosing you for employment.

To obtain work visa for USA

To receive a working visa you need to provide a work offer from an employer in the USA.. Without a job offer and an employer to sponsor you it is not possible to apply for the visa.

Top High Paying Delivery truck driver jobs right now

To become a delivery truck driver in the United States there are many hiring options for you and if you have experience in driving a truck or a van, and have clean driving record with good work ethics then there is lot of good work opportunities for you.

1. Amazon Delivery Driver

Amazon is a big international giant company and they are supposed to deliver 2.5 billion packages in the United States alone every year. There are over 75,000 current delivery drivers for Amazon and its subsidiary companies. To be part of Amazon Delivery driver you ought to be 21 years old with good and clean driving record. The average rate of payment given to drivers here is $15 to $17 per hour and a company owned vehicle will be provided to you usually a van or small truck. The website claims that full time drivers can make up to 100 deliveries each day and works for nearly 10 hours every day.

2. Shipt Delivery Driver

Shipt is a grocery delivery company which is owned and run by Target Group. For being a driver in Shipt you need to be at least 18 years of age and must have your own vehicle with insurance. Using a smartphone Shipt sends messages for probable jobs in your area needing delivery which you can accept in the app. Shipt drivers have many benefits which include weekly paychecks full or part time roles with flexible working hours whether you want to work in day or night. The national average of salaries offered to shipt drivers according to indeed is $65,000.

3. FedEx Local Delivery

FedEx is a local delivery company based in United States and it has various warehouses and manufacturing plants across the nation. To be a driver in FedEx you ought to be at least 21 years of age with a valid driving license and at least one year of experience of truck delivery jobs. With a large number of vehicles one of those is provided to employees and similar wages like that of Shipt are offered to experienced drivers.

Companies which are Hiring Truck drivers

This is best time post Pandemic to land into a truck driver job in America. To fix supply chain there is urgent need of skilled drivers to keep the economy on its projected growth. To find available jobs for truck delivery drivers make a simple online search today and apply for the same.


The time is right now favorable for delivery truck driver jobs in USA for local as well as foreign nationals. There are number of  vacancies in companies like Amazon, Shipt and FedEx for truck drivers. The median salaries range from $65000 for truck drivers. If you  meet their requirements do apply as soon as possible.

Highest Paying Delivery Truck Driver Jobs in America