Top-Rated Electrical Estimating Software for Contractors 2023

This blog explains how to choose the best electrical estimating software in 2023.

What is an electrical estimation?

Electrical estimation is the process by which electricians, construction managers, and engineers determine the real amount and incurred costs of electricity requisite for a particular location or process. There are two general methods for creating accurate electrical estimates: computer software or manual calculations.

What are the components of an estimate?

Every cost estimate needs three basic components. The first is the establishment of standard units of measurement. The second component is estimation to determine the quantity of each unit for each component, which is the actual measurement process where it is determined how many linear feet of wire are required and how many device boxes and so on are required. Therefore, estimating is an art by which we get an estimation of the materials, time, and investment required for the completion of an electrical project.

Electrical Estimation Software for 2023

Electrical estimating methods

Below are some of the estimating methods used by most electrical estimators. Every method of estimation has its own advantages and disadvantages

Per-point method

In this method, each fixture, whether a power point, switch sensor, or otherwise, is counted as a point that is assigned a common dollar value. For example, if you have counted 1000 points and each point is estimated to be worth 100 pounds, then the final quote for an electrical project is 100,000 pounds. It is a quick and easy method, but the downside is that the estimate is inaccurate.

Labor unit method

The labour unit assigns a particular value to the human labour required for the installation of each item of hardware. Labour unit is defined as the median cost of labour required per unit of output produced. Generally Labor Unit method is ratio of total labor cost to real output. Consider this: if each labour unit costs £75, installing a single socket requires one labour unit, installing a sensor requires three, and so on. Now, if you multiply the total number of labour units by the labour unit value, you come up with the final quote.


Pre-build is also known as the assembly estimating method, which is a very simple way to count takeoffs as it packages your elements by including the necessary materials and creates a unit price. Many electrical construction parts include multiple components, such as power sockets, mounting brackets, and cabling. This can be packaged as a single unit cost.

Design and construct

In this method, an electrical contractor is involved in the design and implementation of the project. Before proceeding with electrical construction, the customer usually provides a brief design that includes details of project parameters, and the electrical contractor provides a more comprehensive and detailed design. This is the most complex electrical estimating process. You will have to work within the budget of the client and provide accurate forecasting from design to construction. This differs from the different types of projects where you offer a price for a complete design.


This is a guess-and-estimate method, which is prone to error. If you have come across a contractor who sees a project and provides a quote off the top of his head, then this is an example of guesstimating. Guesstimating is based on intuition rather than a thorough examination of the task at hand.As a result, it can result in a highly accurate estimate that either fails to account for the complexities of the job or overestimates them.

Electrical Contractor Estimating Software to Use in 2023

Autodesk Construction Cloud

This is cloud-based software that brings together field teams and offices, starting from design to planning, construction to operations, to make construction more predictable, safe, and sustainable. Its pricing starts at $85 per month. Its benefits are that it is construction management software for field execution and project management, empowering users to seamlessly collaborate and deliver construction projects on time and on budget.


It is built for next-generation automated estimation software that uses automation to help estimators work faster, cut easy work, and increase accuracy. This software allows you to automatically count symbols across different PDF drawings, reducing takeoff time and thus increasing accuracy. The pricing of this software can be checked upon request. Its built-in tools, such as linear measurement, coverage areas, and the ability to add items to drawings, allow you to design your estimate as you go.


It is construction software that manages construction projects, resources, and finances from planning to closeout. It helps owners’ general contractors, thus increasing project efficiency and accountability by streamlining project communication and documentation.


It is construction takeoff and estimating software that is easy to use. It is cloud-based takeoff and estimating software for electrical contractors. It is compatible with Mac and PC software. It provides free training and support.


It is field service management software that provides live support and a free month's trial. It's field service management software for mobile workforce tracking. It has features for scheduling, dispatch, calendaring, job management, invoicing, and mapping. Its mobile application is also available.


ServiceWorks is an all-in-one, effortlessly accessible cloud-based solution that coordinates field operations management solutions. It has tools for scheduling, dispatching, accounting, inventory management, point of sale, and more. This software is designed to provide end-to-end business management for service and delivery companies.


It is bid management software for subcontractors. BasisBoard is bid management software that assists businesses in making an online bid board and tracking bid invitations on a centralised platform. It connects to your inbox, recognises bid emails, and instantly pulls data into your dashboard without any data entry.


It is software used for quoting, scheduling, and invoicing for home services businesses. This software provides a seamless customer experience with a mobile app, free training, and simple setup. Jobber assists you to save time while delivering world-class service. It provides a 14-day free trial for its first time users.


It is flat rate pricing and agreement management software for contractors that are mobile optimized and offers flat rate pricing and agreement management for HVAC, plumbing, and electrical contractors and service businesses.

Houzz Pro

It is business management software for contractors and architects that is built for enterprises in the residential building, remodeling, and design industries. Using HouzzPro user contractors can streamline payment scheduling and online invoicing processes, as well as track activities through client dashboard and project timelines.


The electrical estimates software is used to prepare estimates of electrical scheduling and modeling in construction work. There is very good software available for different contractors and architects to track activities through a client dashboard.


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Top-Rated Electrical Estimating Software for Contractors 2023