Electrical Estimate Software Designed To Help Electrical Contractors

Electrical Estimate software and allied tools for layouts in construction business

Making accurate estimates about costs and expenses that will incur in the construction business like labor costs, material costs, and overall project details. It also covers electrical contractor estimates on labor, and estimates on electrical needs such as wires switches, and other electrical fittings that are part of the construction business. And to make exact estimates for electrical needs software gives the right answer.

What is an Electrical Estimate?

An electrical estimate is a construction-based estimate that has details of electrical costs which are generated by contractors companies using a variety of techniques and methods. Nowadays like other estimates of labor and construction materials, electrical estimates can be generated through the software. The use of software makes the electrical estimates process more quick and accurate.

Features of a Good Electrical Estimating Software

If you are an electrical contractor looking for new software, you have to look for certain things. These things will make your job easier.

  • Customized labor costs
  • Updated material costs with material databases
  • Able to handle residential and commercial projects
  • In-built project management tools.
  • Some of the Best Electrical Estimating Software that are used nowadays include-
  • McCormick Electrical Estimate Software
  • McCormick Electrical Estimating software is offered by McCormick systems which is at the top list. McCormick has been functioning since 1979, and they offer expert opinions in this field.
  • The software is employed in Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Projects covering Low voltage and solar systems.

Houzz Pro Software

Software best suited for home remodeling and renovation. It has in-built all in one project management tools. It has everything that is needed for home remodeling apart from the electrical portion. Generally, it covers 3D floor planning, Lead Management, Project Management, and Streamlined Communication. It is employed for benefit of Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Projects.

Electric Ease

It is a cloud-based specialized software; it is made specifically for the electrical Industry. Electric ease has both job estimation and project management. It provides Job estimates, Project management, Technician scheduling, etc.

Energy Management Software

Energy management Software implies systems that proactively monitor, control, and ultimately reduce energy consumption. This system software checks out the amount of energy that gets wasteful, and lowers the amount of carbon emission produced by a business, thereby reducing overall costs of business. The functionality of these systems streamlines business electricity and gas usage and reduces the bills, as well as managing energy-efficient equipment and providing electrical resources usage.

Energy management software describes automated technological tools installed by businesses to monitor, collect, and analyze energy consumption. This is exercised by tracking utility bill tracking, real-time metering, and carbon and sustainability reporting to design specifically designed programmed lighting and heating ventilation, and air conditioning control systems. It aims to design areas where energy is being used unnecessarily and offers energy-saving tips.

Benefits of EMS

The biggest benefit is that it controls costs, limits waste, and reduces carbon outputs by the use of technology. By using EMS a company can improve its corporate image, telling them they are following the corporate social responsibility model by being energy efficient.

Features of Energy Management Systems

Accurate Data Collection- It creates a master database of business where the consumption is made and therefore measures energy consumption, highlighting areas of waste and cutting down billing errors and late fees.

Energy reporting: EMS makes reports on how much energy your company uses, but also monitors the ways in which it is consumed. These reports tell the areas of wastage, and document how energy usage changes as a result of various factors like the time of day,  weather conditions of the day, and shift electricity consumption patterns.

Operations control- Specific EMS tools, like Smart HVAC systems, dynamic lighting controls, and automated electricity timers tells business to dictate energy consumption and give increased energy management which drastically reduces energy wastage.

Energy Management Software


The SkySpark is software that analyzes data through automation systems, smart meters, sensors, and other smart devices to identify issues, patterns, and deviations faults and opportunities for cost reduction.

The EMS tools help in identifying Energy Price Analysis, Emissions Monitoring, Meter Tracking, Cost Reporting, etc.


This is a Leader in EMS software apps, it is useful in predicting risks before they occur, and responding faster with incident reporting. Guide complex tasks to prevent mistakes with logic. This helps in energy price analysis, emissions monitoring, and meter tracking.


It is a smart environment application developed by Cotopaxi, it works wonders to gain visibility, flexibility, and agility to predict, optimize, and succeed in a smart environment. It efficiently works on price analysis, emission monitoring, and meter tracking.

Electrical drawing software

Electric diagrams are a pictorial representation of electric circuits, which we have in our electronic labs. Electric Design Software represents these complex circuits on the computer in the form of wireframes that can be re-graphed and phrased before creating the actual circuit. These circuit designs are great aids to professionals like electricians, engineers, and builders programmers that make electric panels and draw schematic representations.

Creation of Electrical Circuit Diagrams

These assist professionals to understand intricate connections in electrical networks, before creating an actual one. Breadboard, Stripboard, and printed circuit board are used for creating electrical circuit diagrams. These diagrams can be a single line, block diagrams, Pictorial diagrams, Schematic Circuit Diagrams, Wiring diagrams, electric floor, and IC circuit diagrams.

List of Electrical Circuit Diagrams.


It is a free and open-source electrical design app to create electronic circuits, electronic block diagrams, and control and automation circuits. This electronic diagram creates software that can be used to sketch mechanical objects to illustrate processes and instrumentation drawings.

Features of QElectrotech

It has features of an Element editor and a diagram editor to create schematic symbols. These elements and drawings are saved in XML format. It has configurable, and compatible with multi-lingual support.


Open-source free printing circuit board editor includes much software in its range that work similarly. The editor is for Microsoft Windows and works under General Public License.

Features of FreePCB

It is a free CAD application that is used for designing hardware that has to be manufactured.

It is fast and easy and has multi-layered keyboards. It has support copper pours and DRC checking.


The software draws outlines and circuit diagrams. It has a user-friendly interface and libraries to support and make symbols with party lists. It supports PCB, Netlist formats, SPICE simulation, etc. The circuit diagrams can be copied and pasted into MS word and can be printed across single and multiple pages.

It is equipped with electronic components like symbols, wires, junctions’ labels, etc.

It offers editing tools that have drag and drop elements, making use of selecting more than one item, that block tools to flip and rotate areas of the schedule. It has features of electrical tools to check wiring errors, bills of materials, automatically creating symbols, and reference painter tools. It has multiple page schemes and Bitmaps that can be inserted with diagrams and it helps create electrical drawing prints.


It is free electrical panel design software that runs on UNIX, Windows, and X11 to generate publication-quality outlines and related figures.

Features of XCircuit

It features all the common elements of an electrical drawing. It offers info labels, drag and drop elements, import external images, Manipulate parameters, and edit libraries by zooming in and zooming out designs.


CircuitMaker is a free and open source-based Electrical Diagram Application to generate circuits and invent circuit models.

Important Features of CircuitMaker

It is easy to install and use that employs creating, using, and 3D printing robots.

It is easy to install and use.

It can be used to create, use and share 3D printed robots.

Import designs from other tools

Can import designs from other tools.

Electrical Estimate Software Designed To Help Electrical Contractors