Easy Online Degrees That Can Offers You Great Future

The education degrees depend on the student interests and competencies. For some students Mathematics might be easiest subject to study, while for others Mathematics might be most dreadful subject to study. Online Business administration Degrees might be the easiest degree offered online with different majors and industry specific scope. Creative online degrees like digital marketing is most popular sought after degree in today’s world. Online MBA is easy to earn and has good potentials to earn in future. Likewise other professional courses like IT and Software engineering too are also offer very good opportunities but again it depends on student interests to learn basics of IT and Coding as well.

Worth of Online Degree

Many people argue that online degrees are not that worthy like on-campus regular class degrees. Some claim Employers prefer on campus degrees more over online degrees but as we have seen in recent times some employers weigh equally both online as well as on campus degrees in recruitment. Therefore it depends on the learning ability of student whether he is dedicated and determined to learn online. When talking about expenses then yes online degrees are cheap but the career prospects are equal.

Do Employers respect online degrees?

Employers just need completed degrees no matter if it is earned online or on campus. It’s irrelevant to judge intelligence and knowledge through mode of earning degree. Online classes require more discipline and honesty. Student require online degrees so that they could earn while study.

Best Paying Online degrees.
The high paying online degrees with bachelor’s accreditation are Business Administration, Computer Science, Engineering, Marketing, Mathematics, Finance, Communication, Human Resource, Project Management, Accounting Graphic designing and Criminal justice and others.

Easy Online Degrees That Can Offers You Great Future

The Best Online Degrees to Get For Careers

Business Administration

Computer Science




Human Resources

Industrial Organizational Psychology

Data Science

Cyber Security

Animation and Graphic Design

Criminal Justice

Each year different researches are done to identify online degrees that offer highest salaries.

New age careers fields are emerging such as Machine Learning and Blockchain Developer. Both these subjects are part of Bachelor’s degree programs of Computer science. The high growth rates in these sectors forecast most demanded subjects for new age jobs. Let’s discuss the above courses one by one in order of salaries.

Business Administration

It is most sought after course available online than any other degree. It has highest salary potential. A  Bachelor Or Masters May open your doors for bright career. The growth is also steady. The salaries vary from $193,000 per year for Chief Executive to $96,000 Administrative Services Managers. A Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA offers an edge because of broad spectrum of business education.

Specialization of BBA


Human resources

Information Systems




Supply Chain Management and Logistics

MBA is popular degree at Masters. It has deeper levels of business studies. The specialization is opted at Masters according to interest of students. These business administration studies have high potentials of business.

Computer Science

In the age of big data companies are hiring computer scientists. Every technology involve some part of computer science. The salaries vary from $154,000 to Blockchain Developer to $103,590 to Information Security Analyst.     

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

This specific avenue is in high demand AI and ML are sub disciplines of CS. AI enables computers to think, solve problems, and make decisions. ML engineers work as data scientists while framing models to learn Machine Language. These models help them predict better business oriented decisions. ML Engineering is most sought after career in the present times.

Game Design

An increasingly popular Computer Science specialization is Game Designing. Game design within Computer Science covers technical aspects of designing a game. Programming and Language coding are must part of it.

Blockchain Developer:

An ever increasing technology that is demanded most is Blockchain technology where developers are needed in huge numbers. The blockchain works by stringing information together as the ledger updates.

Online Bachelors degree in CS

The students interested in Learning CS will learn coding skills, programming languages and software development. There are many concentrations that a student can opt depending on what an online course


Marketing is to create awareness of a product or service among people using various methods. It involve creativity, research and business generating skills. Online marketing is exercised using various platforms such as social media, television, and Internet marketing.

Marketers study data about demographics, a product functions, and cost analysis in order to get their job done.

Online Marketing Degrees involve studying

Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Online Bachelor’s in Marketing Degrees

Marketing is part of MBA and BBA where one has to choose the elective in Masters and taking basic course. The new Online Digital marketing is huge in demand for every day new startups that are incorporated.

The Marketing Managers doing Promotions and Advertising may fetch around $141,500 to Market Research Analysts that get $65,810 salary per year.


Finance profession is most stable job it involves persons who look after business’s money in responsible and Profitable way. Finance study involve





Financial Managers get $134,000 annually while at lower ranks like Personal Finance advisors may fetch around $81,430 annually.

Online Finance Bachelor degree course

Online Bachelor degree in finance makes you learn fundamentals of the various practices in finance. The first two years teach basics and then last two years of bachelor’s degree teach finance as major and other electives.

The finance course teaches Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Wealth Management, and Applied Statistics.

An online degree in Finance can potentially open doors for working in different capacities in finance. After studying Finance you can work as a personal financial advisor Certified Financial Planner or Financial Manager in big companies.

Personal Financial advisors do not require certification and Bachelor's degree is a minimum requirement. PFA serves clients with plans based on taxes and investment strategies, securities, Insurance personal pension plans, and real estate. Financial advisors assess clients’ assets, liabilities, cash flows, Insurance coverage, tax status, and financial objectives.

Certified Financial Planners

A certified financial planner's career involves earning a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and qualifying for a certification test from a Board. Some online Bachelor’s in Finance degrees applicants do appear for Certified Financial Planner Board in March, July, and November.

Financial Managers

FM is crucial for the health and bottom line of companies. FMs handle investments and future financial goals of the business. FMs create financial reports, direct investment activities, and develop plans for the long-term goals of the organizations.


Communication online courses open career options in Public Relations, Fundraising Managers, Broadcast Journalists, and Writers. Public relations officers work to maintain the reputation of the company in public. They maintain and protect the image of the company. Fund-raising managers help companies raise funds and money for companies or organizations. These can be private or public for profit or not for profit. PRO writes press releases to maintain healthy relations with Donors and philanthropists.

Online Bachelor's degree courses include two years of basic courses than the last two years are dedicated to the major courses in Communication and electives. The salaries vary from $118,500 per annum for experienced Public Relations and Fundraising managers and may go to $63,000 for writers and authors.

The content of the course emphasizes Mass Media, Broadcast Journalism, Organizational Communication, and Interpersonal and Group Communication.

Human Resources

Human resources work is to train and maintain productive employees and keep them satisfied too. They work on the disbursement of salaries, benefits packages, training programs recruiting, and assisting employees. This field involves the deployment of technology that evaluates interpersonal skills and common sense in employees. Students are taught how to manage departments and individual people incorporate business settings along with practices of Hiring and exercising employee retention and conflict resolution.

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource

The first two years are spent on learning basic courses. The next two years are spent taking advanced Human resource courses and electives. After taking this course a student learns-

Applying Leadership Principles

Organizational Development

Principles of Management

Employee and Labor Relations

The Salaries for Human resources grads start from $121,000 for managers to $63,000 per year for Human resource specialists after successful completion of the course.                     

Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Industrial and Organizational Psychology involves psychology and business. It involves studying psychology to know how business is conducted with the aim of improving profitability and workers' satisfaction with a business. This field is the fastest-growing field in America where psychologists are hired as in-house consultants for business. I&O psychologists who work with HR departments of business suggest their study for improvements in the business.

Online Bachelor's degree course in I&O psychology enables students to learn the fundamentals of business and Psychology. Students learn psychological methods to improve business. Masters of Psychology consist of 2 years duration that inculcates students with behavioral models and data.

The salaries in this profession start at $111,200 while working as an I&O psychologist.

Data Science (Data Analytics)

Data science involves studying big Data. Big data is known as Business Intelligence when used in Business. Data scientists work on large data sets and analyze them to deduce understandable and meaningful information. The deduced information might be based on user behavior, conversions, and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns made by companies. IT biggies Amazon, Google, and Facebook use Data science. Data analysts or Data mining scientists are highly paid and the profession is growing at a faster pace.

Several Online courses at bachelor's and Masters's Levels are taught online which emphasize assimilating and interpreting Big Data. This data makes businesses make organizational decisions. This course involves 4 years where the first two years teach basics and the next two years are spent on Data Science Major Courses and electives.

Data Science Involve

Analyzing and Modeling Data

Formulating Problems

Presenting and Integrating Results into Action

After completion of the course, Data Scientists may get salaries of $122,000 for Computer and information research scientists while Management analysts may get $87,000 as a salary per year.

Cyber Security

Cyber security specialists protect business and government online privacy and data. Security specialists safeguard the online data and assets of organizations. Most cyber experts have at least a bachelor's degree. However, some might get master's degrees.

Online Bachelor course in Cyber Security

In a bachelor's course, students learn how to detect, trace, and protect against hackers. Students also learn reverse engineering of hacking to learn how to hack other’s systems to detect system weaknesses which are referred to as penetration testing. Students mainly learn penetration testing, information assurance, encryption, and installing firewalls. The first two years of this course take basic learning and the next two years as cyber security major courses and electives. The programming languages like Python and C++ Java are also taught in this course.

As Information Security Analysts professionals get $103,600 as salary.

Animation and Graphic Design

Learning the combination of art and design through online computer world with creativity results in Animation and Graphic Design as a course that can lead to bright future prospects.

Animation and design are part of advertising, commercials, social media, websites, and other avenues that attract target audience through graphics. Like many developing fields in technology sector, animation and Graphic design involve use a large number of tools to master this animations and graphic design.

Online Bachelors Degree Programs in Design and Animation

Like other degrees it is also a four year duration course where first two years cover basics and next two years are spent on Graphic design and electives. These courses teach use of digital tools to make graphic animations that include 2D and 3D models used in video games, or commercial arts. These degrees are referred as Bachelors of Fine Arts. For being an animator or Multimedia artists at least bachelors is necessary. Salaries start at $77,000 per year for Multimedia artists and Animators while Graphic Designers earn $53,000              

Criminal Justice

Human society has always has contradicting viewpoints when comes to freedom of speech,  women rights, animal cruelty, environmental protection, and many more. A criminal justice student learns how to debate on wide range of real world situations. The course available online enable students to further devote their studies in research, reporting, team collaboration data analysis and law enforcement which are applied in court settings or in government agencies or law firms.

Online Bachelor’s Degree course in Criminal Justice

An online Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice is like other courses of 4 years duration where 2 years are spent to learn basics and next two years are focused on Major course content in criminal Justice.

The Criminal Justice degree will offer a salary of $65,200 for Police and Detectives and $59,000 per year for Forensic science technicians.

The Online course enables students to learn

Criminology and Crime Analysis

Homeland Security and Counterterrorism

Human Services and Advocacy

Police Administration and Operations

Security Management

Substance Abuse.

Easy Online Degrees That Can Offers You Great Future