Cyber security education to land a top job in cybersecurity

Cyber security education is the most demanded subject nowadays in this digital age where Hackers and cyber terrorists are specifically targeting individuals, governments’ institutions, and large corporations. To cope with cyber-attacks and security violations companies are willing to offer a lot of benefits to experts who can save and protect their data and remove any threats that can harm their data.

According to experts finding malware and decoding strong heuristics or working on antivirus research is like working on a secret war against hackers or fraudsters. While working on a malware consistent focus is necessary and real glory is when you catch the culprit.

What is Cyber Security?               

Cyber security is to protect operating systems, networks, and data from cyber-attacks. A cyber security specialist has to identify and mitigate threats whenever they occur. Cyber security professionals develop computing skills required to prevent attacks and protect people’s data and privacy.

What a certified Cyber security course involves

As the hackers and online fraudsters are changing their ways to develop new threat models, therefore it becomes necessary to develop such a course content that focuses on programming emphasizing digital forensics, security policies, and broad aspects of methods used to counter cyber threats in cyber security curriculum. The course content on Cyber security covers topics based on

Basic Data Analysis

Basic Scripting or Introductory Programming

Cyber Defense

Cyber Threats

Fundamental Security Design Principles

Information Assurance Fundamentals

Intro to Cryptography

IT Systems Components

Networking Concepts

Policy, Legal, Ethics, and Compliance

System Administration

The advanced level at Post graduation may cover content specializing in complex topics such as Forensic Accounting, Cryptography, Cloud Computing, etc. Nowadays interactive classes with skilled tutors, internships in established cyber Security companies’ local conference meetings over cyber security issues.

Jobs and salaries in Cyber Security

Cyber security professionals are in great demand nowadays, currently, there is an acute shortage of 2.93 million Cyber Security professionals the world over. Reports suggest that there would 28% increases in rising of Jobs in this field by 2026.

Cyber security professionals are needed in companies in all fields like finance, healthcare, and educational Institutes where people’s transactions, assets, and health records are protected. Demand abilities in Cyber security specialists require technical skills, attention to detail, problem-solving skills, and the ability to calculate risks. Below are salaries offered annually to Cyber security Professionals in the USA.

Cryptographer – 100,000 USD

Information Security Officer – 91,000 USD

Security Assessor – 90,000 USD

Security Engineer – 88,000 USD

Penetration Tester – 81,000 USD

Forensics Expert – 71,000 USD

Security Administrator – 65,000 USD

Recent trends in Cyber Security

Broadly speaking recent trends in Cyber Security has an impact on companies and consumers. The trends affecting Companies can be related to-

Network or end-user terminal security- securing corporate networks and all the remote devices like laptops, and smart phones are part of this security concern. It can involve devices or networks that connect these devices to identify potential security threats.

Infrastructure stability- Security of all components of the Infrastructure including web servers, database systems, and application servers are related trends in Cyber security here.

Breach detection: identification of malware that resides in a network after a breach of security is dealt with here.

Forensic Investigation- gathering data and evidence from digital devices after a cybercrime has happened.  

Trends affecting consumers

Ransomware- a type of malware that decodes encrypted data of the user and permits access only after a ransom is paid.

Crypto-Jacking Malware- A malware that uses devices' resources to steal Crypto currencies

Data Breaches- It is a case where the private access of data and information is done by an unauthorized person.

Scope and Vastness of Cyber Security

Cybercrime will cost the entire world $10.5 trillion by 2025 as suggested by experts thereof opening 3.5 million jobs in the Cyber security genre which would not attract professionals until paid training is being offered by companies and the spots are also fixed right now.

Paid Training for Cyber Security

With the availability of many online options to learn cyber security by professional tutors, it has become easy and simple to understand the Cyber security curriculum. Computer science has now become accessible to many more people since like before it does not require coding skills. The easy-to-learn understanding of the interface of many applications had now made it very easy to train up this skill.

Cybercriminals are targeting more

Companies are receiving more threats and cyber attacks each day by Cybercriminals like Hackers and spies. These cybercriminals are more active nowadays. Encrypting and keeping information safe for different organizations like banks, government bodies and businesses have now become more important to secure their systems. To curb the increase of threats online and unfilled jobs globally many companies are now providing paid training to professionals. If you have a quest for knowledge for learning cyber security then the demand for professionals is huge and if you have an interest in this field the opportunities are great for you.

Actual work of a Cyber Specialist

Cyber security specialists do several different jobs that help them in protecting systems and networks that are used all around the world. They deploy their skills, knowledge, and experience to find solutions for problems happening in systems or networks due to malware. With technological advancements, these positions are growing every day as business needs qualified individuals to ensure the protection of all online systems from attackers whether they are external hackers or insiders.

Requisite skills of a Cyber Security Specialist

Problem Solving- A professional must access and analyze all the important data before making any decision.

Good Communication Skills- A person in cyber security must have good communication skills with other experts to be on top of all situations. And teamwork skill is also necessary since online threats are mostly exercised working in teams.

Comprehending Data – This refers to understanding and evaluating patterns, trends, and glitches in Data. These comprehension aids security personnel in problem-solving.

Computer Science- Learning Technology in an effective way is an important skill required in a cyber security specialist. Computer science will be useful while working on problem-solving skills because you have the right access to the tools and software at hand.

Motivation- Continuous learning is necessary along with self-motivation to learn more which is vital for growth in the Industry.

Benefits of being a Cyber Security ​Specialist

High Earning guarantee- Cyber security employees can earn highly as compared to other industries with average hourly rates offered ranging from $31 to $38.5. As you gain experience working over different security concerns you will get more hikes in your working rates.

Work from Home – Cyber experts can tackle security concerns of companies working from home so remote working enables you to work across the globe all that is needed is a good computer and internet connection with expert skills to counter security concerns.

Paid Training – Many companies are needful for employing cyber security professionals who can work for them, as we know the salaries offered are also very good, so one can opt for an online course and learn cyber security to become qualified for jobs in companies. Online learning enables training more minds at the same time that can fulfill the huge demand for skilled experts in cyber security.

Countries more prone to Cyb​er Attacks

Developing countries that invest less in the Research and development of their networks and systems are more prone to cybercrimes. Countries like Myanmar, Cambodia, Honduras, Bolivia, and Zimbabwe El-Salvador have low scores against protecting cyber crimes. That does not mean developed countries like the USA, and the UK are secure but they have fewer risks since they have developed security specialists that protect them. It was estimated that in the year 2019 cybercrimes have cost $5.2 trillion to the world economy.

Join Training Programs in Cyber Security and get paid while you learn

If you want to get skilled in Cyber Security and want to reap the rewards of learning it, then it’s the perfect time to get skilled in this. Top companies throughout the world are investing hugely into educating employees to learn the desired skills to tackle cyber crimes. Cyber threats are encountered by these companies each day. You can search for online courses if you really want to learn cyber security.

Cyber security education to land a top job in cybersecurity