Customer Data Platforms To Assist Marketers To Make Targeted Marketing Campaigns

What Is A Customer Data Platform?

Customer Data Platform is software that gives users a complete picture of their customers.The software aggregates data from many data sources, such as marketing clouds, service software, and e-commerce engines, and thus makes this data available to other systems. In turn, this enables users to build customer profiles at a single location and then use those profiles for customer service, sales, and marketing purposes.

A customer data platform is meant for marketing. It gathers and unifies first-party customer data from different sources to build a single, coherent, complete view of each customer. Then this data is made available to marketers to create targeted and personalised marketing campaigns.

A CDP software package is one that creates a centralised hub for customer data. It pools data from many sources and unifies it into a single customer database. They are designed to identify individual customers across different channels and devices. They create a customer profile by making intelligent connections between collected data points.It can be thought of as CRM on steroids, running in the cloud and feeding data to customer and lead acquisition platforms in real time.

The profile is used as a model to determine and reach a customer. Customer profiles can be assembled from fragmentary data collected from mobile devices, point-of-sale terminals, websites, emails, and other marketing channels you think of.

What exactly does CDP stand for?

Most CDP are used for marketers to provide end user design rather than IT departments. CDPs do not require a dependence on IT or development teams.This gives marketing department control over customer data collection, data segmentation and campaigns orchestration.  These CDP have good potential for B2B companies. This Data in B2B CRM is highly valuable and is leveraged with external data sources. It can be used to create targeted and effective ads that can lure large B2B buyers.

Types of Customer Data Platforms

Keeping this in mind, there are different breeds of customer data platforms.

Marketing clouds

Some of the new CDPs on the market include Salesforce, Microsoft, and Oracle. Because customer data platforms are so popular, these providers launched their own CDP solutions and have powerful integrations within their own platforms.

Smart Hubs

Lytics and Redpoint are essentially pure CDPs that handle everything from marketing orchestration to personalised efforts through a single interface.

Marketing data integration CDPs

These are data integration CDPs, which enable users to leverage their data while maintaining data governance. These are great tools because they are expanding their reach with new connectors. Tealium and Segment are examples of CDPs.

The best customer data platforms for marketers


Optimove has a strong grasp on the data science underpinning its analytics and insights. Optimove uses simple but unique technology along with a science based approach. It delivers and manages highly segmented, behaviour-driven customer messaging in real time across relevant marketing channels. The CDP is offered on a monthly subscription basis at different pricing levels. Optimove has clients such as Staples and Family Dollar. Oktopost


Oktopost is not a CDP company. The reason we include it on this list is for companies that don’t have a CDP. Oktopost provides an important but less difficult to implement step on its way to adopt CDP status. Oktopost offers a significant but less difficult-to-implement step on the way to adopting CDP status. for B2B and potential purchase companiesCDPs offer a solution to the attribution mess that will be multichannel marketing.


Realtime updates and artificial intelligence-driven personalization empower this CDP. Exponea is designed for availability of single solution for customer acquisition, for customer conversion and their retention. It gathers data and the entire communication along the customer journey across different channels, devices, and touchpoints.

Exponea integrates with different third party software. Exponea offer different types of packages at reasonable prices. Exponea exponentially empowers the marketing department. It does so by providing them with extensive analytical capabilities, campaign management tools, and machine learning features that optimise their predictive recommendations. This platform gets high marks as it is easy to use and updated frequently.


Listrak offers retailers more engagement, more revenue, and strong customer loyalty. This consolidates customer information into a single, centralised platform.Listrak can generate unique data visualisations, analyse customer behaviour patterns, and draught hyperpersonalized and microsegmented communications that speak to customer interests and concerns.


One of the primary goals of Segment is to make integration easy and seamless. It accomplishes this with a powerful, easy-to-use API and an extensive network of partners. The idea behind the design is to make new app services into analytics, marketing campaigns, and data storage solutions.


This data hub platform includes the Audience Stream CDP. The platform pulls fragmented data from different sources into a one single location. This allows businesses to gather, analyze, and act on customer data while rigorously safeguarding the security and privacy of sensitive customer information.

AudienceStream permits clients to set up customised rules for customer profiles, establish identities across different devices and channels, and take actions in real time. Learning how to use AudienceStream effectively takes some time and commitment, but the results are worth it. Tealium’s clients include the Utah Jazz, St. Joseph’s Health, and other renowned organizations.

Bloomreach Engagement

It is Commerce Experience Cloud that has acquired Exponea this year and has incorporated their customer data platform capabilities into their product kit. It is also known as "Bloomreach Engagement," while offering online and offline data tracking, a unified single customer view, and advanced customer data analytics. It also has great machine learning aspects as well as predictive recommendations that make it really intuitive.


DNA-CX is an intelligent customer data platform of Totango that connects all customers’ data streams. This software is great for segmenting your customers and seeing different metrics to help you find which among them need to be prioritised.


Another great option for those looking for a CDP that provides real-time experiences throughout the journey is the Blueshift Smarthub, a customer data platform. The favourite features of this platform include real-time data unification, audience segmentation, one-to-one personalization, and predictive intelligence.

Conclusion: The customer data platforms are the mix that will work for you and your business; they unify the data at one single location, collecting data from different customers. These customer data platforms enable businesses to carry out their specific marketing campaigns.


Customer Data Platforms To Assist Marketers To Make Targeted Marketing Campaigns