Call Center Job Description Salary And How To Get Hired For It

A call centre job is a person who is responsible for handling incoming and outgoing customer calls for an organisation. As an agent, a call centre executive should handle account inquiries, customer complaints, and support issues. An agent who manages both incoming and outgoing customer calls is better known as a "blended agent.

Requirements and responsibilities of a call centre job

A call centre agent's job involves different responsibilities and duties that ultimately lead to greater customer satisfaction. Some of the duties of a call centre agent include

Managing inbound and outbound calls

Following communication scripts while talking to a caller.

Handle customer engagement.

Upsell products and services when possible.

Build a sustainable customer relationship.

Organise conversation records.

Important skills necessary for a call centre agent.

A call centre agent should possess the following qualities:

Knowledge: Agents need knowledge of organisations inner workings and product representation.

Organised Mindset: Call centre agents must take quick notes, access the CRM system, and track recorded conversations when speaking to customers.

Maintain calmness under pressure. Agents should handle around 100 calls daily. They should be able to maintain a calm and composed nature in stressful situations.

Effective Communication: Call centre executives must have great verbal and written communication skills to interact with customers effectively.

Efficient: Agents must respond promptly and proactively with customers to anticipate their needs.

Workload in the call centre agent job

Call centre jobs involve different tasks that range from answering inbound calls from customers and providing technical support to outbound cold calling and telemarketing. The workload and scope of responsibilities of call centre workers depend on their job role and the type of call centre they work in.

Inbound Call Centre Agents: An inbound customer support executive manages a large number of incoming customer calls and resolves customer inquiries. They take and place orders to handle customer accounts. Call centre executives are expected to take about 50 to 80 calls during an 8-hour shift.

Technical Support Agents: Technical support executives provide technical customer service and assist users to resolve technical issues and troubleshoot problems they encounter when using a company product. They are required to have technical knowledge of the features of the products that a company sells.

Outbound call centre agents: Outbound call centre agents make outbound calls to resolve customer issues, proactively address the needs of customers, cross-sell products to existing customers, generate leads, and attract prospects. These agents are also responsible for conducting market research.

Call Centre Manager: Call centre managers supervise a group of team leaders. Their day-to-day activities include ongoing coaching and setting goals for the team, monitoring call centre metrics, preparing reports for senior management, identifying and addressing issues, efficient resource planning, etc.

Remote call centre executives: Remote call centre agents, or work-from-home agents, are part-time employees of call centres, but they can even be hired for full-time remote positions.

How to get hired for a call centre job

Call centre entry-level jobs are easy to get as they do not require any specific qualifications or deep expertise. In order to get hired, you should have a bachelor's degree with fluency in English or other native languages and be familiar with computers and the internet. Having previous experience in sales, marketing, and human resources would be an added advantage, as these would be considered valuable in call centre jobs. Having previous customer service experience is the best way to start a new job.

Search for job offers in call centres. Look into the available call centre jobs in your area. If you are considering a remote opportunity, then you must search on websites like or that would provide plenty of options.

Write a comprehensive cover letter. In addition to your CV, you should compose a solid cover letter that highlights your core skills and previous experience and proves that you are the right candidate for the job.

Practise for the Job Interview: Take a look at some of the most common customer service job interview questions and think of the best answers that you can provide in case you are asked the same or similar questions.

Do some research on the employer. Before facing an interview, it would be better to know about the mission, culture, values, and customer products and services of the employer. It would give you an advantage during the interview and make you stand out among other candidates.

Be prepared for the training. Getting hired for a call centre is the first step. After being hired next comes training the employees in which employee development is done to ensure that agents get knowledge about the work and become more efficient in their work.

Career growth in a call centre Job

Despite their high turnover rate, call centres offer great career growth opportunities. As long as you have the right motivation, attitude, and experience in customer support services, you can move up the career ladder to become a team leader and then a manager. Since call centres are fast-paced, top-performing agents usually move from junior call centre representatives to team leaders in 2 to 3 years.

Jobs for call centre executives

There are plenty of jobs at entry-level as well as managerial levels in call centres. You can find a lot of job opportunities working in call centers in the big cities of America. There are many banks, telecommunications companies, and insurance companies that are in need of call centre executives. As a jobseeker, you can apply for interviews with these companies to work for them and secure a job for yourself. There are thousands of jobs for call centre executives looking for suitable candidates to work for them. To find the available jobs in call centres, you can do an online search.

Salaries of call centre executives in America

The call centre executives get an hourly salary of $16 per hour. That would total approximately $40,000 for a yearly salary. This salary is offered to an entry-level employee who can even earn more after a few years of relevant experience.

Conclusion: There is growing demand for call centre executives in the BPO sector to work for different companies. The call centre is a demanding job that requires good English and native language proficiency.

Call Center Job Description Salary And How To Get Hired For It