Best Workforce Management Solutions To Assist On Site Labor

Best Management Programs to streamline your workforce

To manage and streamline the workforce, workforce management programs are used. Workforce management platform is an umbrella term that is used for desktop and mobile programs that assists a business to manage staff scheduling. This term originated in contact centers and other service businesses that employ a large number of workforces that work on an hourly basis.

Workforce platform for managing workforce

The workforce management platform provides different features which enable many users to optimize workforce efforts. Companies use workforce management software to forecast labor demand, create or assign employee schedules, maintain attendance of workers, and report workforce efficiency.

Workforce Management solutions for different roles and positions

WFM platform includes many tools for use at all levels throughout the contact center for example Administrators, Supervisors, Analysts, and Agents.

For forecasting staff: WFM platform draws historical data, specific to the contact center by using step by step process. WFM software considers historical data which you choose to include such as contact volume, handle time, service objectives, and shrinkage percentage to determine different forecast plans.

The WFM software chose a forecast plan that represents demand for specific contact centers and matches it to available staff. These forecasts take into consideration of all available schedules whether they are part-time, full-time, flexible, or rotating schedules. This accumulation of data creates an optimized schedule for the contact center to hit service-level objectives while fulfilling the needs of customers.

Optimized software extracts real-time data from a unified communication platform and the automatic call distribution solution. From this data, it is reported on a real-time schedule which allows for intraday schedule adjustments.

Benefits of Workforce Management Solutions for Contact Centers

Forecast Staffing Needs

Multiple forecasting methods with dynamic, static, data range, excel data, manual data entry factor in fluctuating demand service levels, etc.

Single or Multi-Skilled Forecasting

WFM ensures the availability of single versus multi-skilled staff plans and schedules agents with needed skills.

Flexible Scheduling

WFM changes the schedule with Intra day management and quickly notifies agents of changes.

Real-Time Agent Adherence

Monitor schedule adherence for improved agent productivity.

Agent Portals

WFM portal easily and quickly communicates with the workforce through agent portals via mobile applications. 

Ease of Integration

It uses data targets to extract key data as per your schedule and share it with other different systems and automatically integrates with optional API.

Best  Workforce Management Platforms of 2022


Deel is self-serving and offers a consistent and reliable experience for employees and contractors alike.

Deel eliminates borders from a talent tool, that assists you to hire contractors and employees from over 150 countries. Their platform offers workforce management for both contractors and employees. Deel assists you to avoid contractor misclassification of legally reviewed contracts and thus provides multiple withdrawal options for accessing earnings. This platform provides a polished and consistent payment experience using major payment providers like Wise, PayPal, and Payoneer to offer withdrawals of the contractor’s choice. The company also offers cryptocurrency withdrawals using Coinbase, which is reported to have been popular with contractors in Latin America. Deel works as an employer of record handling payroll so you need not require to open up a foreign entity. Deel’s full-featured User Interface includes features like contract management, expense reimbursement, and off-cycle adjustments. Deel can be integrated with Major HR and accounting software.

Papaya Global

Papaya is automated SaaS platform which provides end-to-end global workforce management solutions with cross-border payments in 160 plus countries. This platform supports Payrolls, integrates with popular work management tools, and uses smart technology to ensure compliance and eliminate errors.

Papaya assists you to simplify international workforce management thereby eliminating spreadsheets and errors with unified automated payroll solutions. Papaya Global creates highly visible system for tracking spending Payroll and determine real-time business intelligence.You can get insights on who your workers are by country, cost centers, and more and allows you to see how well you are attracting and retaining top talent, and why they chose to depart and imagine where your company stands in equity of gender, age and pay by department and seniority structure.

ADP Workforce Now

ADP is well known and trusted HR software company having 70 years of experience. Their cloud-based ADP Workforce Now product has a combination of HR functions with Payroll processing, time and attendance tracking, Talent management, benefits management, benefits management, performance management and attendance tracking, talent management benefits management employee performance management a recruiting system, and hiring onboarding tools. Their workforce Now product is designed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses, but it can be scaled up to one of the more robust offerings as your business grows.

The flexible time tracking and attendance system has features like automated alerts, overtime calculation rules, and timecard approvals. They also have mobile apps where they can view work schedules swap shifts request time off, or clock in and out using their geo-location.


ClickUp is a flexible tool that is well known for project management and improving team-wide productivity. These also have several features which assist organizations with workforce management including time estimate forecasting tools, and Workload and Box views.

Task tracking is a core pillar of this platform which gets granular with details. Instead of tracking tasks themselves, you can set time estimates for each task, thereby making it easy to forecast how long it will take to complete.

SwipedOn Pocket

It is workforce and employee management software to track employees on site and facilitate a risk-free environment. With the release of SwipeOn Pocket, the tool is able to assist specifically with staff safety through features like contactless sign-ins using QR codes. Accurate date and time stamping provide a complete picture of on-site at all times with proximity enabled with each employee sign verified at a specific location. SwipedOn Pocket adds customized screening questions, that allows for daily health and wellness check as employees sign in, and administrators can be alerted if any answers raise concerns. It is equipped with easy to use interface.

Oracle Workforce Management

Best for mobile workforce management

Oracle Workforce Management connects time, labor, and leave management with payroll, financial and personal data in a single system solution. Managers will be able to navigate global absences while enabling local customization to configure rules and policies and track absence trends and areas of low employee productivity. This app is also available with a highly fully functional fully featured smartphone companion. Like other things, Oracle Platform comes with a bit of a learning curve but it is well worth investing time into to unlock the potential of the full feature set.


It is wise to use Workforce Management programs to take care of people working as laborers to monitor their day-to-day activities like payrolls, on-site working hours, and updating tax and reporting processing.

Best Workforce Management Solutions To Assist On Site Labor