Best Marketing Automation Platforms to Create Marketing Campaigns

The use of software to streamline digital marketing campaigns is known as marketing automation. Marketing automation platforms automates repetitive tasks to reduce human error and help you achieve better results. For example, you could send welcome emails to your subscribers or remind prospective customers about the launch of your product or service in order to generate a sale. Feedback surveys or testimonial emails are other types of marketing automation processes. As a result, the automation software handles the task of keeping you in constant contact with your customers. Instead of doing things manually; you can focus on more strategic tasks, such as campaign planning and design, market research, goal development, and more.

Marketing Automation Platforms That Work Best For Marketing Campaigns

On this page, we’ll share the details on marketing automation platforms for your marketing campaigns.


It is one of the best marketing automation software, with a comprehensive set of features that assist marketers in managing email campaigns. It works as an excellent tool for sales teams. It has its own marketplace, LaunchPoint, with dozens of integrations. Marketo is made for those who want to start their marketing campaigns with the basics and move into more advanced functionality in the near future. It could be a great idea to start your campaign with a tool like Marketo, as you don’t have to switch all your data and campaigns down the line. It has a large and active knowledge base, which is a great resource for new users. It’s pricing starts at $1195 per month. It has a number of integrations providing third-party services.


This is considered the Rolls Royce of marketing automation. It’s fully loaded, provides an exceptional level of service, and has a reasonable price tag. The most important feature of Eloqua is that it spends a good amount of time teaching and helping the customers so that they can make the most out of the product. It also has a number of integrations for third-party services. Do not look for Eloqua unless you are really going after enterprise-level software and have a budget for it. Eloqua is also preferred by those who want CRM integration. Its price starts at $2,000 per month.

The reason for selecting as a good marketing automation platform is its flexibility. It has a simple user interface and quick personal customer service. It is a new player, but it is rapidly expanding, and it is undoubtedly a company to watch. Like older tools, is built to trigger emails based on events rather than pageviews. It is suitable for companies that want to start with marketing automation and appreciate lightweight user interfaces. Suitable for companies are looking for more advanced functionalities with flexible and customised developer resources. It’s monthly plan start at $75.

Constant contact

Constant contact is another good email marketing tool for small businesses. It provides basic functionality, which is easy for non-technical users to take advantage of. Its main selling point is its ease of use and low cost. It is meant for small business owners who want to get started with organized email marketing. This tool is not fit for expanding marketing automation efforts in the near future. Its price starts at $15 per month.


This tool does everything a little bit, but nothing at a deeper level. It is described as inbound marketing software that offers different tools, one of which is marketing automation. It is great software for small businesses, but it offers more functionality beyond email marketing. It starts at $200 per month.

Benefits of Marketing Automation for Businesses


The first and foremost benefit of marketing automation is that it makes the entire department efficient. You can save yourself the effort of manually posting on social media platforms, which marketing automation can automate on its own. Thus, you can save a lot of time and effort and divert yourself into more creative work like planning and brainstorming for upcoming campaigns. team can post on social media, create an email nurturing campaign, post a blog, or create landing pages all in the same software. As a result, the team saves time and effort.

Marketing and sales alignment

You will be able to align company goals and efforts if you combine sales and marketing automation in the same software. It will enable the process of turning marketing-qualified leads into sales-qualified leads. This also helps you generate more leads and thus increase sales.

Conversion Rate Increases

Increasing conversion rates makes team efforts effective. Marketing automation software increases your conversion rate and manages leads efficiently. Marketing automation software tracks your leads and retargets website visitors who do not convert.

Accurate Reporting

Marketing automation enables you to generate automatic reports. Marketing automation gives you a high-level overview of the overall process. With accurate reporting, you can see where things are going wrong. You can track lead drop-off during lead nurturing email campaigns. Accurate analytics will help you spot the things that are going wrong.

Personalized Marketing Strategy

As your team spends more time creating instead of doing manual data entry, marketing automation software will allow them to draught more personalised content through its segmentation capabilities and reporting. Marketing automation helps make personalised targets through social media, search ads, or email campaigns. Marketing automation turns your web visitors into leads, and you can segment them by behaviour and characteristics.

Lead Scoring

Marketing automation sets up lead scoring by notifying the sales team when a lead goes from a marketing-qualified lead to a sales-qualified lead. This is exercised by better alignment of the marketing and sales teams. The sales team can approach prospective customers without wasting time.

Scalable Processes

Whenever marketing automation is set up, it is better to keep scale in mind. The process must grow with the expansion of your company. If it is not scalable, then it will be hard for your company to expand.

Lead Nurturing

Marketing automation makes lead nurturing possible by constantly keeping in touch with prospective customers through drip email campaigns and tracking their success. Thus, it can align other departments like sales and customer service.


Marketing automation simplifies marketing efforts and thus saves time and efforts for the organization, allowing the management to divert their attention to more important tasks.

Best Marketing Automation Platforms to Create Marketing Campaigns