Most Popular Marketing Attribution Software for Businesses

Nowadays, the old normal of the digital marketing landscape has changed into a new normal. Several marketing efforts present in the world face more challenges, more channels, and more customers. There’re some reasons why many people in marketing count on marketing attribution modeling tools to gauge the success of their marketing plans.

There are several marketing attribution modeling tools that make the landscape less daunting by enabling people to automate, analyze, and understand the internal working of their companies or businesses.

This blog will help you quickly choose the most popular marketing attribution software available for your business.

Most Popular Marketing Attribution Software for Startups

Nowadays, attribution marketing has become a vital part of growing eCommerce businesses. Startups may calculate their profit and growth with the proper software to prepare marketing attribution models.

Make ensure to choose the marketing attribution software before taking marketing attribution software for your business.

Here we shared a list of the top marketing attribution software for startups.


Cost: $119.95/month & 7-day free trial

Semrush is the best software for building custom attribution rules. According to the experts, it is the best marketing attribution software that offers eCommerce managers with data-driven insights to help them manage their store's online visibility.

This software consolidates data by using multiple sources and uses advanced algorithms to offer actionable recommendations around website optimization. Nowadays, many businesses, including startups are using Semrush software to track their data points, such as clicks, impressions, and conversions across all marketing channels. Check out here some details about this software.


It helps businesses track their data points, such as clicks, impressions, and even more.

It allows businesses to track their rank, keywords, traffic, and backlink.

It gives businesses a snapshot of their current organic and paid traffic, keywords, clicks, impressions, backlinks, performance in search, and more.


Keyword Research

On-page SEO

Content Marketing

Local SEO

Rank Tracking, and more.

Business Uses:

Semrush is one of the most popular marketing attribution software tools. It offers many excellent benefits and features, so many businesses and startups use it to manage, track and prepare their marketing attribution models.


Cost: $0.05 per install

AppsFlyer is the best marketing attribution software for startups looking for the best marketing attribution software to handle and manage their ongoing projects in marketing. It focuses on mobile attribution like mobile and tracking.

Many startups use it because it analyzes post-install behavior and also identifies recurring clients with rich-in-app events. Currently, it is easy to implement and has one-link options therefore you can edit and adjust settings on it. In addition, you can use a template/design with customizable banners available on the AppsFlyer dashboard.


It is easy to get a good report of app analytics and attribution.

It helps brands make good choices for their businesses.

The software helps apps understand where their traffic is coming from and measure their advertising.


Account-based marketing

Content marketing

Email marketing

Event marketing, and even more.

Business uses:

AppsFlyer is a famous cloud-based mobile attribution and marketing analytics tool that assists businesses to improve their campaign management and conversion tracking. Nowadays, many startups are using it to manage their campaign management.


Cost: ‎$49.00 per month

Oktopost is a good platform for B2B marketing. It measures the impact of your every post, network, and ongoing campaign with multiple social media options. It also supports modern data-driven organizations. You can make schedule the social media campaigns by using Oktopost software.

Nowadays, many businesses are using it because it offers a solution to establish the ROI of their social media. The pricing for it is available upon your request.


Oktopost helps businesses making schedule social media campaigns.

It provides a solution to establish the ROI (Return on Investment) of social media, bridging the gap between lead generation and social media.

It is high on many benefits for businesses.






Social sharing, etc.

Business Uses:

It is often used by businesses or companies with 50-200 employees. The main reason to use it is that it is trusted by thousands of marketing professionals globally.

Ruler Analytics

Cost: $125/month

Rules Analytics is the best multi-touch marketing software widely used to track form-fills. The software scores highly in the features and function sections. It allows businesses to track customer journeys in one place. It also solves the disconnect between sales and marketing. The features and benefits of this software are here.


It enables sales and marketing teams to work more creatively and together.

It provides accurate and real-time analytics of customer journeys in one place.

It allows businesses to connect data from their leads to their CRM and analytics tools.


Marketing Automation

Call Recording, Routing, and Tracking

Conversion Tracking

Content marketing, etc.

Business Uses:

It is the best software for companies. It is used to connect data from their leads to their CRM and analytics tools. Also, it is high in many features therefore many businesses use it nowadays.


Cost: $100 per month

Kochava is the best omnichannel attribution software in the world. It is used by businesses to establish and track user identities, and segment and activate audiences.

It also provides advertisers and marketers with real-time visualizations.


It supports the market research needs of digital marketers, advertising agencies, developers, analysts, and more.

It helps businesses from startups to ranked businesses.

It prevents and detects mobile ad fraud with traffic verification.


Campaign Analytics

Mobile Tracking

Content Marketing

ROI Reporting

Real-time reporting

Conversion tracking, etc.

Business Uses:

Due to the growth of its popularity, it is used by many businesses, including business startups to understand and capitalize on user acquisition, engagement, and lifetime value for mobile apps.

To conclude

All of these marketing attribution software tools are known for providing excellent features. They help businesses to manage their various online works.


Best Marketing Attribution Software

Most Popular Marketing Attribution Software for Businesses