Best Inventory Management Software for Small Businesses in India

Inventory management software is backbone of inventory management systems. Currently there are many options to choose from a wide pool of such software. Businesses keep track of their stocks and items through this software.

How To Decide Which Software Is Best Inventory Management Software For Your Business?

Selection of Inventory management software is generally made with specific niches in mind. Every business has its different needs to manage stocks of the goods and products.  The right software streamlines everyday operations and provides valuable closer look to assist the right software we will introduce the best 8 inventory management software with detailed analysis.

Basic Inventory Management Software Features Include:

Inventory Control Software: Inventory management software syncs inventory of goods across different sales channels. It allows you to set up re-order points for automatically re-order to maintain optimized inventory levels.

Warehouse management: Warehouse features allow you to check stock levels, manage warehouse items across 2+ warehouses, and fulfill orders more efficiently by dispatching customer orders from the warehouse closest to the customer.

Order management—Order management allows to manage customer’s orders. This feature automatically converts purchase orders into invoices.

Reporting and Analytics—this feature ensure data driven decisions to meet customer demands. Many software offer basic reporting capabilities compared to other options.

Barcode scanning capabilities – Barcode scanning drives efficiency in perpetual inventory management systems. It keeps track of inventory as it comes and goes in real time.

Top and Best Inventory Management Software for Businesses

Today in this article we will cover best Inventory software that is being used by business.

1) FreshBooks

Though FreshBooks are known for good accounting system and software, FreshBooks also offer simple inventory tracking software for freelancers and small businesses with basic needs. Even if  you are selling a handful of different items or looking to start selling physical items on top of your services businesses managing small amount of inventory takes effort, even you sell across different channels. FreshBooks is perfect solution of tracking inventory even if you are using it for accounting purposes.

FreshBooks integrates with 2ship and Barcloud to unite inventory tracking, accounting shipping and asset management needs. If you are tracking inventory on Squarespace or shopify then you can automatically pull out data from these sites into FreshBooks for better inventory management experience.

2) Zoho Inventory

Zoho inventory is a popular small business pick for businesses with multi channel selling needs. It supports inventory with popular platforms like shopify and Amazon. This allows you to sync data across different sales channels for easy management of stocks levels and inventory costs.

Zoho inventory has most basic feature of inventory management therefore it is great pick for small businesses with simple inventory needs.

Though Zoho Inventory is an affordable option but it does not offer customizable inventory management solution. Its forecasting and reporting abilities are also limited as compared to many other options

Although Zoho Inventory is an affordable option, it doesn’t offer the most customizable inventory management solution. Its forecasting and reporting capabilities are also limited compared to many of the other options. This software costs $59 per month to its customers.

3) Veeqo

Veeqo is yet another popular inventory management solution for retail and wholesale business with multiple sales channels. The software advertize itself as inventory and shipping platform. Veeqo offers simple and intuitive platform that brings together different sales channels. It provides features o f order management, inventory control, reporting and analytics with warehouse inventory management. Veeqo has its own barcode scanner that can process high volumes of scanners thus it speeds up process of speed counts.

The platform has a reputation of providing an amazing shipping experience. Its shipping integrations include 15 major shipping couriers like UPS and FedEx. The platform offer features like discounted shipping rates and live tracking. Though its onboarding process is time consuming but it works smoothly once you are all set. Therefore it makes soft ware a good look if you are looking for something scalable and customizable. Veeqo is available at $156 per month.

4) Sortly

It is one of the best inventory management software meant for small non retail businesses. It is good answer to questions of inventory   and asset management needs. Its visual nature appeals to those who dislike reading words on spreadsheets.

Its intuitive functionality allows team to learn how to track important details about your items speedily. This disallows you to have extensive training on the product either. Sortly has most of basic inventory management software features like, warehouse management, inventory control, barcode scanning abilities and basic inventory reports.

This platform allows scanning QR codes through the app, receiving stock alerts to keep track of stock levels and returns while grouping items quickly. Sortly can’t be integrated with other apps and software unless an ultra plan is taken. It not even integrates e-commerce, nor accounting software. Lastly, you need to contact support to execute integrations through API even you choose ultra plan. Sortly offers a free version or you can get free trial of ultra versions.

5) Brightpearl

BrightPearl is retail management system and inventory system which is built specifically for multi channel retail business & wholesalers. The platform aids businesses to streamline their inventory system operations. It has all the basic inventory management features in its extensive plan. However the cheaper plan for business less than 1500 orders is limited. It is built specifically for higher transactions volumes. The pricing can be quoted from website.

6) InFlow Inventory

Inflow inventory software is popular pick for small businesses. This software combines inventory and order management software to track inventory tracking. Like its counterparts it is also made for retail businesses with multi channel selling needs. It is integrated with built in B2B portal. Inflow  has basic inventory management software features of inventory control, barcode scanning, manufacturing inventory, warehouse management, and reporting. Its basic plan starts at $71 per month billed annually. It is good software for B2B sellers and distributors.


The  small businesses need to maintain their inventory for their day to day sales and their products needs tracking using inventory management software. This inventory management software keeps a track of their products and services. The software keeps track of goods in stock goods in transit and makes invoices also. 


Top 5 Inventory Management Software

Best Inventory Management Software for Small Businesses in India