Best Customer Support Software For All Of Your Business Needs

Customer support software is serving customers by providing them assistance and support; it includes all customer touch points during any stage of the buyer's journey. It is framed so as to meet the needs and expectations of customers through different channels like live chat, phone support, in-app support, or personal interaction.

Customer support software works by

Customer Initiation: A customer contacts the business through different channels like email, live chat, and phone calls.

Ticket Creation: The software creates tickets for every customer request that are assigned to a specific agent or team.

Agent assignment: The software offers tickets to available agents based on skills and workload.

Ticket Resolution: The agent who gets the ticket assists the customer in their query and resolves their issues.

Tracking and Reporting – The software tracks the progress of every ticket and thus generates reports on the performance of agents and teams, thus providing insights on improving customer service.

Feedback and Closure: The customer is notified of the resolution, and thus they provide feedback on the support they have received. After a customer's issues have been resolved, the ticket is closed.

There are three types of customer support software.

Cloud-based customer service software

On-premise customer service software

Open-source customer service software

A cloud-based software solution is hosted on the internet and just requires a laptop or mobile phone.

On-premise software is hosted on a local server and thus requires technical assistance for rolling out updates and maintenance.

Open-source customer software has its own source code available for modification, making it ideal for businesses.

The customer service software is based on the modes or types of work they perform. The few channels for interacting with customers are:

Shared Inbox

It is an email management software that looks like Gmail or Outlook. The difference is that multiple team members have access to the same inbox through a group email ID. This is the best customer support for those businesses that have email-only support.

Live Chat Software

This software delivers live chat support on a website in mobile or website apps.

Call centre software

Call centre software allows businesses to manage inbound and outbound calls.

Social media customer support software

Small businesses manage customer queries through their social media channels, like Twitter and Facebook.

What to  look into while selecting best customer support software

Customer Preference

Do you prefer chatting live with customers or just sending emails or making phone calls, or do you just write knowledge-based articles? Make sure the customer support system fits your style.


The support software's intuitive user interface enables new agents to start supporting customers without special training.


A higher price does not mean more features. Whenever you select software, compare features and read reviews before deciding on helpdesk software.

Best Customer Support software for business are -


If you want ticket management, self-service, and reporting to get started with managing customer service better and improving the customer experience, then go for Freshdesk. If your business is growing, you can leverage advanced AI workflow automation, agent productivity, and collaboration capabilities to improve agent productivity and thus help your team deliver fast, personalised customer service at scale. You can also leverage Freshdesk Marketplace, which hosts over 650 applications, to customise workflows based on your needs. Freshdesk can be customized and scaled according to business type and it is best for all industries like retail, e-commerce, travel and healthcare.


It is customer support software which is perfect for customer support based on Gmail, it serves customers who use their gmail for addressing their requests. In addition to offering features for streamlining customer emails, Hiver offers reporting automations and live chat capabilities.


It is a customer communication platform that is built specifically for businesses offering customer support through email. Front brings conversations from SMS live chat and Facebook into a single email-like interface. Thus, Front serves as an omnichannel shared inbox, which businesses use to create better relationships across channels.


Groove is a shared inbox alternative made for small businesses that offer email-based customer support. It is best suited for businesses that have lean customer support teams. Groove will help you stay on top of your social media interactions by leveraging Facebook and Twitter integrations.

Zoho Desk

It is an omnichannel help desk that helps businesses increase customer support productivity and customer happiness. If you are using the Zoho Suite of products, then Zoho Desk might be the ideal customer support software for your business, as it has native integrations with other Zoho products like Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, and Zoho Mail.

Help Scout

Help Scout is customer service software that gives the feeling of working out of a shared inbox; it helps customers through live chat and tracks customer requests through emails. With Help Scout, you can offer proactive support, promote new initiatives, and share updates.


Freshchat is a live chat solution that offers personalised support on websites, in apps, and through messaging channels including WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, and Line. With Freshchat's no-code chatbot builder, you can launch a chatbot instantly to ease customer experience and reduce team workload. Freshchat unifies conversation across messaging and chat channels and offers real-time context, which helps agents offer fast and tailored experiences with ease.

WhatsApp Business App

It is an application built by WhatsApp and is a popular messaging channel for owners of small businesses who offer real-time assistance to customers. In addition to customer support WhatsApp business also provides information about products set up automated messages and increasing sales.


It is customer support software working on OS which assists businesses to strengthen their customer relationship with live chat and messaging services. You can manage conversations with customers using email, WhatsApp, and a mobile app, making it a good option to consider if you offer chat-first support.

Freshdesk Contact Centre

It is a cloud-based telephony software that enables businesses to make, receive, and manage inbound and outbound calls effortlessly.

You can improve call centre agents productivity through Freshdesk Contact Centre by offering constructive feedback and monitoring call quality with call recording, transcripts, and call lifecycle information. You can route the call to the right person and handle call queries in a better way.

You can improve the customer experience through personalised conversations with features like caller ID, customer interaction history, and call conference.

Best Customer Support Software For All Of Your Business Needs