Best Certificate Programs in Cybersecurity for 2022

Cyber security covers devices and services to defend them by attackers like hackers’ spammers, and cybercriminals. The cyber security experts deploy best strategies to defend assets like computer systems smart phones networks and databases from attacks. Cyber security uses catch all term to neutralize cybercrime by international digital weapons.

Precise definition of Cyber security

The practice of protecting systems networks and programs from digital attacks is known as cyber security as defined by Cisco Systems. These attacks are made to access, change or destroy useful information, money extortion from users, and interrupting normal business process.

Cyber security contain technology, process and methods to defend computer systems, data and networks from attacks

Role of Cyber Security in Present times.

Cyber security is safeguarding internet connected devices and services by malevolent attacks such as hacking, spamming and cybercriminals. Cyber security is used by companies to protect their computer systems against phishing schemes, malwares data breaches and financial loss. Routine life nowadays is dependent on technology than ever before. Every device that uses internet is under threat due to risks caused by attacks like viruses, malware and bugs that corrupt and steal information from computer systems.

Companies save their crucial data on servers run by technology based companies, this data is being continuously been defended against attackers. There is threat to these data and information posed by hackers who take advantage by selling this data in millions. To safe guard this crucial data cyber security comes into play.

There are sub domains of cyber security about which we will learn now

Application Security

Application security is implementation of different defense activities of organizations software and services against different threats. This sub domain uses cyber security professionals to write secure code, design application architecture, implement data input validation and more to minimize chances of unauthorized access or modification of resources.

Cloud Security

It is related to creation of secure and safe cloud architecture for companies which use cloud services providers like Amazon web services, Google,  Azure, Rackspace etc.

Identity Management and Data Security

This domain covers activities, frameworks, and processes which enable authorization and authentication of legit individuals to organizations information systems.

Mobile Security

Mobile security is big concern today as more and more people rely on mobile devices. This domain protects organizations crucial information which is stored on devices like tablets, cell phones and laptops from different threats like unauthorized access, device loss or theft, malware viruses etc.

Network Security

Network security covers hardware and software mechanisms which provide network and infrastructure from disruptions, unauthorized access and other abuses.

Different Types of Cyber Threats

Cyberterrorism this is politics based attack on computers to cause harm and widespread social disruption.


This threat covers ransom ware, spyware, viruses and worms. This cyber threat gets installed as harmful software, blocks access to computer resources etc.


This tricks users by providing a harmless file, but if once it is in opened it attacks system establishing an easy access to cybercriminals.


This is hideous attack involve large scale cyber attacks conducted by remote controlled device. It is a string of computer under control of coordinating cybercriminal.


This threat is form of malware program often called advertisement supported software. It is unwanted program which is installed without permission and generate unwanted advertisements.


Hackers use false communication especially e-mail to fool receiver to lure him open and follow instruction which typically asks personal information. Some phishing attacks install maleware.

Best Certificate Programs in Cybersecurity for abroad going International students

Here's take a look at the Best Certificate Programs in Cybersecurity.

It is not necessary to have a great academic record for being a cyber security expert. Certain certifications have become industry standard of knowledge and proficiency to frame a promising career in cyber security.

Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) certification

Most of the organizations protect themselves by hackers through ethical hacking where a hacker tests an organization software security by hacking into their system. This certificate enable a learner to act and think like a hacker. Topics like hacking technologies, information security laws and standards are covered in this course and students are put in real time scenarios, exposed to hacking techniques, and were taught how to scan hack and safeguard their systems.

Cost: $950-$1,199

Requirements: 2 years of experience in IT sector

CompTIA Security+

CompTIA is reputed name in cybersecurity field, It offers different certifications to assist growth in Cybersecurity education. It is a great certificate for IT professionals who are starting in security field. The course covers topics like cyber attacks, incident response, architecture and design, governance and compliance, risk management and cryptography.

Cost: $381

Requirements: 2 years of working experience in IT security.

CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional)

The CISSP is best certification  for programmers and professionals who are working to build their career in the industry. It’s not for beginners it requires 5 years of experience,

Cost: $749

Requirements: 5 years of experience in topics like security and Risk Management, security engineering, software development and more.

GSEC: GIAC Security Essentials

The Global security Essential Certification is top certification for beginners who wanted to enter in Cybersecuritiy field. It is an entry level certificate designed for professionals who study topics like active defense, cryptography, cloud security, and incident response. A certificate earner has a strong authority in roles of

Information Security Program Development and Management

Information security Management

Software development Engineering

IT auditing

Cost: $2,499

Requirements: No specific prerequisites; however, we recommend getting familiar with basic computer science before enrolling

ECSA: EC-Council Certified Security Analyst

It is being offered by ECSA as EC- Council certified Analyst certification which  is a great choice for professionals looking for penetration testing roles. It is quite similar to CEH certification. This course gives deep insight of hacking tools and the latest technologies. This certificate is suitable for roles like Network server administrator, Information Security Tester, Firewall Administrator, and more.

Cost: $250

Requirements: 2 years of experience or EC council training

SSCP: Systems security Certified Practitioner

It is offered by ISC which ensure that you are well versed with advanced technical skills to implement monitor and administer IT infrastructure using best security practices procedures and policies  established by cybersecurity professionals. Some topics in this certification  enables you competent in security administration, application security, incident response and risk identification. The SCCP is one of the best certifications in  cybersecurity in budget.

Cost: $249

Requirement: Basic computer science knowledge


Cybersecurity is everyday growing industry in technological field which offer good job opportunities for IT professionals. Cybersecurity certificate offers a competitive edge in job market,whether you are applying for network security roles or data analyst roles.

Best Certificate Programs in Cybersecurity for 2022