Everything You Need to Know Before Renting Private Jet

Renting Private Jet in India:

The rich in India are looking at renting a private jet as an option for travel. Private jets and chartered flights are one and same thing as both are used interchangeably. Private jets are generally 4- to 18-seat aircraft that can be owned or chartered. A chartered flight is consists of 8 to 180 seat airliner which is exclusively rented for an itinerary.

A chartered flight does not have a fixed schedule nor do they have a regular airline route. On a charter flight, you can rent an entire aircraft. There are many types of charter flights, like group charters or individual client flights.

Charter Flights package use both private and commercial aircraft and determine the time and locations. A private jet charter is totally controlled by the individuals or companies that want to fly. They have a choice of many private aircraft depending on the requirements, and they have full control over the schedule and departure and arrival points.

What Types Of Aircraft Are Available For Renting Private Jet In India?

Across different aviation companies, there is a wide variety of aircraft on offer. These include everything from single-engine tubro props to light jets, midsize jets, heavy jets, and airliners. The choice of aircraft is dependent on the itinerary, the range of aircraft, the amenities required on board, and the total number of passengers travelling. The models of aircraft include the Pilatus PC12, Cessna Citation XL, Dassault Falcon 2000, and Bombardier Global 6000.

Can A Private Aircraft Fly Anywhere, Anytime?

It is easier and quicker if all Indian nationals are on the flight. For example, flights to civil and defence airports for Indian nationals can be activated 2 to 3 hours before the flight. But in case there are foreign nationals travelling, then necessary permissions are required from day one to seven working days in case the airport is like the defence airport in Goa.

How Private flights are comparatively cheaper than commercial flights.

The price of private jet rentals depends on the type of aircraft used. Charting a private flight can cost as little as 1.5 lakh per hour in an aircraft like a Cessna Citation or as much as 3.5 lakh for a Dassault Falcon 2000. Turboprops are cheaper, with prices starting from 85,000 per hour to 1.25 lakh per hour. For example a return flight from Delhi to Mumbai in business class on commercial plane costs Rs  1 Lakh whereas in private jet it will cost you Rs 10 Lakh.

The private flight depends on many factors, like aircraft availability,airport landing fees, and time between flights. If you are travelling with a group of people, such as friends or family, who fly business or first class, then private jet fares can be competitive and sometimes compared to commercial first class fares, with the added bonus of extra convenience, less time, and, of course, loads of luxury. There are few circumstances where you can fly privately for cheaper, like signing up for a membership or taking advantage of services like ferry flights that cover a 90 percent discount in fares for a fixed route.

Benefits Of Flying Private

The major advantages of charting an aircraft are

Privacy: Only selected individuals of a flight will travel.

Convenience: no check-in baggage limit and wondering if it will make it. No hassle or queries at the airport; sometimes the airports or terminals are entirely separate for private jets.

Unrestricted Itinerary: Fly nonstop from anywhere to multiple locations on the same day at your own pace.

Customization: You get meals and entertainment of your choice.

Land closer to your destination- Private jets operates from different airports, comparatively more than commercial airlines.

How private jet companies maintain the privacy of their clients

Maintaining client privacy is one of the most important aspects of private charter services; no details of the customers are disclosed to acquire new customers. Some cities have a dedicated airport terminal for charter operations; other cities have only one airport facility. Charter flights in Mumbai operate from Corporate Aviation Terminal Kalina which is a port reserved for Private jets. It has dedicated lounges, security, and an immigration area. In Bangalore, charter flights operate from HAL airport, which is situated within the city, while commercial flights operate from Bangalore International Airport, where commercial airlines operate.

Checklist Before Boarding A Private Aircraft Flight

Before flying in a private plane, you need to make sure that everything goes smoothly without delay.

Arrival Time

There is always a hassle to arrive at airport to catch a flight in commercial airplanes. Avoid arriving in the last minutes of the flight. It does not even mean that you should arrive hours earlier than your departure time. It is advised to arrive at the airport 30 to 35 minutes early before takeoff.

Flight Itinerary

Your flight The itinerary contains all the important information about your flight. It is good to become familiar with your itinerary ahead of time. The information about the aircraft you will be flying through is an important part of your itinerary. This includes the aircraft tail number, which you need to provide when you arrive at the airport. Since you will not be checking in at the terminal building but rather arriving at a private facility, you will have directions to follow.

Specific Requests

When you are on a flight and have specific requests, they must be made 48 hours before departure in order to give time to the attendants to source the requests. For example, if you have special requests for a meal, the stewards should be told about your request for a special meal within 48 hours so as to give the kitchen time to source ingredients.

Passenger Information

All travellers must make sure that they have relevant passenger information before they arrive at the airport. Particulars like photo identification, passports, and visas are necessary for international trips. You don’t have to stand in line to clear security and customs formalities. Your pilots will ask you to show your identification before you board to make sure your travel documents are handy.


One of the greatest benefits of flying privately is being able to lighten the load. Ground staff will meet you at your vehicle and place your bags directly on board. It is to be noted that private aircraft are smaller than commercial passenger jets. This means the size and weight of your baggage are more restricted if each passenger is planning to bring in several bags.

Everything You Need to Know Before Renting Private Jet