The Affordable Country To Study Abroad For International Students In 2023-24

As the world population gets connected by social media and air travel, more and more cultures exchange their features to study abroad. There are a growing number of students worldwide who wish to study abroad. The pandemic has changed the game for students who want to study at international universities. Many students have put their plans on hold due to the closing of borders and orders of self-quarantine. The pandemic has also taken a toll on the economy, leaving many students and their families struggling to afford tuition. It is not difficult for international students to find affordable countries to study abroad. We are providing a list of cheapest countries to study abroad for international students

Reasons why students want to study abroad

To get experience with the new culture - This can be beneficial in many ways, like helping you become more open-minded and understanding of others. It can give you a new perspective on your culture and country.

Opportunity to learn a new language: Another great reason to study abroad is that it offers an opportunity to learn a new language. This learning will be beneficial both professionally and personally.

To gain independence- For many students living and studying abroad is a new experience. Living in a country with different laws and different culture offers an excellent opportunity to gain self independence and taking care of you.

To get a better education, in some cases, students choose to study abroad since they feel they will get a better education in another country. This might be possible due to the quality of schools or the availability of specific programmes.

Another motivator for young learners to venture abroad is money. It is believed that studying abroad is a costly affair. And it is true in the sense that if you study abroad in one of the popular destinations, such as the United States or Australia, many countries offer quality education at a fraction of the cost. In terms of higher education, there are many factors that have to be considered while deciding the study destination.

 For international students, the cost of studying and living in a foreign country is one of the most important considerations. This article takes a look at countries where the cost of studying and living is relatively low, making them some of the cheapest countries to study abroad.

Factors to be kept in mind while studying abroad

The selection of an abroad study destination is not an easy task; there are many variables that have to be considered to find the perfect programme in areas of your interest, like exchange rates of currencies, the programme of study, and the cost of study. Things to consider are

Cost of tuition fees

Cost of living in each country

Available scholarships and financial aid

Whether or not you need a student visa to study abroad

The quality of education and infrastructure

The cheapest countries to study abroad are listed below.


It is one of the cheapest countries for students to get an international education. It is the country that is known for being the cheapest country to study abroad. This country is considered cheap for studying abroad because-

The cost of living in Ireland is relatively low, as much as 10% lower than in the US. There are many scholarships and financial aid programmes available to students. You get an opportunity to earn while learning to help offset your living and tuition costs. Rent for one person is $1400 to $1500 per month, which is lower than in the US. Ireland is a growing economy; therefore, you can get plenty of jobs so you can work along with your studies.


This country is a great option for some reasons. Students flock to Canada for their further education because Canada is an economical place to study abroad. In 2021, there were 621,500 students from different countries who got permits to study in Canada. Canada offers many scholarships and financial programmes for students interested in studying there. The cost of living in Canada is relatively lower than in developed countries. Tuition fees for international students are estimated between C$20,000 and C$30,000 per year, and with scholarships, this amount gets even lower.


Nepal is country best known for its beautiful landscape and good friendly nature people and this country is one of the top destinations for affordable education. International students chose the mountain country as their study abroad destination because-

Tuition fees in Nepal are reasonable. In Nepal, accommodation is cheap. A bed in a shared room can cost you as little as $3 per night. The cost of living in Nepal is 65% lower than in the United States. Essentials like food and transportation are very cheap in Nepal. In Nepal the most affordable universities costs about $1800 USD each year and the most expensive universities are also as cheap as $3200 USD.


Mexico is not only the land of ancient ruins. Many students worldwide are choosing this country as an affordable option for studying abroad, as the cost of living in Mexico is 50% lower than in the US which makes this country as one of affordable study place.  Tuition fees at Mexican universities are quite inexpensive compared to other countries. Houses are available cheaply for many students; you can pay $450 per month for a one-person apartment. Food and transportation facilities are also cheap in Mexico.

New Zealand

It is a beautiful country that saves money when considering it as an education destination. New Zealand is not as affordable as Nepal and Mexico, but the cost of living is still 12% less than in the US. There are eight universities that are spread across the country and are ranked in the top 3% of universities in the world. For its undergraduate courses, you can expect to pay $14,900 to $21,700 USD per year.


Argentina is known for its rich culture, kind people, and beautiful landscapes. It is an affordable education option because the argentine peso is currently very weak against the US dollar, thus making it an affordable destination for many students. Food, accommodation, and transportation are also very low as compared to other developed countries. It is 56% cheaper to study in Argentina than in the US. There are 47 national universities that intake 6% of international students in different programmes. The government even offers different scholarships.


This country is earning its reputation as an affordable place for international students to obtain an education. Compared to western European nations, the cost of living in Bulgaria is cheaper. High-quality education can be earned at a fraction of the cost of universities in other developed countries. The Bulgarian government provides many scholarships to international students to cover tuition fees. House rents in the country are 80% less than in the United States.

The Czech Republic

This country is an economical place for students to gain an education. The country has meagre costs of living. This country is a member of the European Union, which offers many benefits to students in terms of travel and work opportunities. The country offers many scholarships and financial aid programmes for international students. A single-bedroom apartment in the city will cost you $620 USD per month on average, which will offset the price of tuition, which is $22,300 per year.

Affordable countries to consider studying abroad this year 

The Affordable Country To Study Abroad For International Students In 2023-24