MBA Degree Programs In The UK | The Complete Guide

UK business schools provide MBA Programmes that are catering to the needs of every student’s academic level, budgetary requirements, and career aspirations that provide a mix of students, teachers, and work opportunities that are unparalleled in many parts of the world. The Business schools of the UK are one of the world’s best in terms of quality teaching and brand recognition and students with strong first degrees and solid career starts will be able to take advantage of learning how business works while building a network of contacts that will pay off in the future. The MBA programs in the UK take one year to complete, but some programs even last for two years and prospective MBA students can take study part-time so that their careers may continue. Online MBA degree programs are also available.

Cost Of MBA Degree In The UK

The average cost for getting admission to an MBA program in the UK is £ 16000 per year, but a few larger and more prestigious schools can be costlier. A number of colleges are offering low-cost MBAs also, enabling students to cover all backgrounds to study MBA in the UK. You require at least a second-class honors degree or the same with a minimum of three years of full-time continuous managerial experience. Apart from the above a GMAT score of 600 out of 800 is needed for most MBA programs. The GMAT tests abilities in Analytical skills, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, and Verbal. Below are some of the Best ranked MBA colleges in the UK.

London Business School

University of Cambridge: Judge

University of Oxford: Saïd

Imperial College Business School

Alliance Manchester Business School

Warwick Business School

Bayes Business School

Lancaster University Management School

Durham University Business School

MBA International Business Degree

Earning a Master’s degree in International business is accomplished by fulfilling the requirements of a graduate program at a business school. There are many schools that offer full-time part-time and online options to earn a degree in business management. The course is designed for students who want to travel across the world and work with different cultures. This program inculcates business knowledge with leadership and management skills. Education in the United Kingdom is a devolved matter with each of the countries of the United Kingdom having separate systems under different governments. The UK government is responsible for England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland respectively.

MBA International Business Programs

An MBA in international business is a popular specialization in management education. This program opens the path for a global career in trade and business. Most global companies develop businesses across different countries that have created a diverse and competitive workforce that runs businesses internationally. Companies working internationally require acumen to stay competitive in the international markets. Companies aiming to expand and establish their business in a foreign country require professionals who are trained to deal with international scenarios and are knowledgeable about the concepts and theories that are helpful for business establishments.

 Companies need trained professionals for advisor, managerial, and business development roles to spread their wings internationally. Another factor that contributes to the popularity of an MBA in International business is that candidates with an International Business degree are favored by multinational companies during recruitment.

Candidates with exceptional communication abilities, business aptitude having an interest in economies of various countries, are most suitable for this course. MBA in International Business will endow them with the training, knowledge, and skills required to do managerial tasks and make decisions related to import and export, global trade, and business policies.

Course syllabus of International Business

The structure of an MBA in IB is the same as other MBA courses. The first year of International business comprise of lectures, workshops and seminars. Next after one year, the student is required to do summer internships. From the second year, the specialized course is taught along with elective subjects.

MBA in International Business: Career Prospects

An MBA in international business has a lot of options to choose from in the job market. International business degree holders are highly demanded because of globalization and growing international markets for domestic players. MBA in international business gets managerial and advisory roles in many sectors, as every industry sector is striving to spread its reach to global platforms.

Supply Chain Management Programs in the UK

Supply chain and Logistics courses in the UK will enable a student to develop analytical problem-solving skills. It will lead benefits of extensive interaction with industry and apply techniques and methods to solve logistics as well as supply chain management challenges. To study supply chain and logistics in the UK you must get an IELTS score of 6.5, apart from at least a second-class honors degree in a relevant subject.

MSc Computer science Programs

Masters in Computer Science in the UK are offered as Master of Science, Master of Philosophy, and Master of Engg degrees. The duration of a full-time MSc degree in Computer science in the UK is 1 year while an MPhil degree takes around 9 months or 3 years to complete. On the other hand, your MEng can last for up to 4 years.

The average fee structure of MS in Computer science in the UK ranges from 22,600 to 42,500 GBP. To lessen down expenses involved you can get scholarships in the UK which are available for International students. Spending hefty amounts on International education students always look for ROI. With a master's degree in Computer Science in the UK, you can make around 63,000 GBP to 80,000 GBP every year. If you are recruited by a good firm then you can make as much as 100000 GBP each year.

Online University Programs in the UK

A degree from a reputed university in the UK is globally recognized and highly valued due to its quality of teaching, research quality, and expertise of lecturers. Gaining such qualifications will help you to reach your career goals and find fulfillment in the field in which you wanted to enter. But going abroad is not possible for everyone which might be due to personal reasons monetary issues or many other things. Therefore many students go pursue their education through online mode of education. Online study option allows you flexible study hours, and allows you to study from your own home, therefore the costs of accommodation, tuition, and travel expenses are cut down. Some of the universities which provide online degree courses are

Imperial College London


University of Edinburgh

King’s College London

Open University

Conclusion- With the advent of the internet the education systems are going online for imparting quality education with world-reputed degrees. There is no need of going to classes regularly as lectures can be accessed from the home. And the costs for accommodation, and travel are reduced.  

MBA Degree Programs In The UK | The Complete Guide